New Study Shows Oxygen Carrying Ox66® Demonstrates Therapeutically-Impactful Oxygen Delivery and Inflammation Reduction

Figure 1. Study showing Ox66 as an oral supplement tracking to 40% oxygen supplementation.

These results are extremely exciting; showing Ox66® has the potential to improve the quality of life for countless individuals who struggle with respiratory issues.”

— Dr. Randall L. Snook, MD, IM/Gerontology

FRISCO, TX, USA, June 26, 2024 / — Hemotek LLC, a leading innovator in the field of health and wellness, is excited to announce groundbreaking research results demonstrating that Ox66®, an ingestible powder, delivers oxygen to the body further backing previous research results. The study also highlights findings of a significant reduction in inflammation, suggesting that Ox66® could offer a therapeutic benefit for individuals experiencing pulmonary dysfunction and chronic inflammation.

The study, conducted by a team of renowned researchers at Song Biotechnologies, aimed to evaluate the efficacy of Ox66® in delivering oxygen and its potential anti-inflammatory effects when under respiratory distress. The results revealed that Ox66®, when ingested, provides oxygen delivery levels through the gastrointestinal mucosa/lining similar to those achieved through supplemental oxygen inhalation, a common treatment for patients with respiratory issues. The main key findings include the following:

• Innovative Delivery of Oxygen: Ox66® represents a novel method of oxygen delivery, being an ingestible form of oxygen (powder). This distinguishes Ox66® from traditional oxygen therapies, presenting it as a cutting-edge solution for addressing hypoxemia, particularly in conditions like Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) where traditional oxygenation methods may be limited or risky or the pulmonary system is compromised.

• Rapid Improvement in Oxygenation: Ox66® was shown to effectively deliver oxygen through the gastrointestinal lining, with a steady and significant increase in peripheral tissue oxygenation. This rapid improvement underscores Ox66®‘s potential as an efficient therapy for conditions where enhancing tissue oxygenation is critical.

• Inflammation Reduction: Beyond improving oxygenation, Ox66® treatment was associated with a suppression of inflammatory markers. This indicates potential anti-inflammatory benefits, adding another layer to its therapeutic value, especially in diseases where inflammation plays a key role, and in conditions characterized by chronic inflammation.

• Cardiovascular Benefits: Ox66® could help in achieving normotension post-treatment, indicating cardiovascular benefits in addition to oxygenation. Also, the findings showed Ox66® did not induce significant vasoconstriction while it was observed in the non-treated subjects, indicating that Ox66® could offer a safer profile with less risk of exacerbating vascular complications.

• Effectiveness and Safety in Oxygenation: The ability of Ox66® to significantly improve tissue oxygenation in models simulating ARDS conditions in clear, further suggesting its potential in enhancing oxygen delivery to hypoxic tissues. The study further suggests a unique mechanism of action for Ox66®, where oxygen release is selective and possibly more targeted to hypoxic tissues. This feature could reduce the risk of hyperoxic injury, making Ox66® a safer alternative for oxygen supplementation.

• Complementary Therapy Potential: Given the findings, Ox66® could serve as a valuable complementary therapy to existing treatments for ARDS and other conditions characterized by oxygen deficits, potentially in early intervention, or when the pulmonary route of oxygen administration is compromised, to enhance overall treatment efficacy.

The study conclusion emphasized that orally administered Ox66® delivers therapeutically relevant oxygenation to capillary beds improving tissue oxygenation and, by extension, reducing inflammatory signalling. Ox66®’s oxygen appeared to be released selectively at sites of tissue hypoxia, which magnified efficacy without risk of hyperoxic injury. Gavage (oral ingestion) also left the respiratory pathway accessible for other interventions if necessary.

Dr. Song, an expert in oxygen and blood related research, commented, “These results are highly promising and indicate that Ox66® could revolutionize the way we approach oxygen therapy. By providing a non-invasive method to deliver oxygen and complement current approaches if needed, we can offer a new hope to patients with pulmonary dysfunction and other related conditions.”

Lt. Gen (ret) Brooks Bash, CEO of Hemotek, added, “We are thrilled with the outcomes of this study. The compelling evidence continues to support the commercialization of oxygenating products using Ox66®. The innovative approach of Ox66® to improving tissue oxygenation, its potential complementary role in treating ARDS, and its ability to address silent hypoxia create a strong foundation for its development into a novel therapeutic option that could significantly impact respiratory care and treatment strategies.”

Hemotek is dedicated to advancing health and wellness through cutting-edge research and product development. With the success of this study, the Oxygen First Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on providing oxygenating solutions globally, plans to initiate further clinical trials in partnership with Hemotek to explore the full potential of Ox66® in various therapeutic applications. For more information about Ox66® and the recent study, visit, or find the peer reviewed study at Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine, and Biotechnology, Volume 52, 2024, Issue 1; For more information about products available with Ox66® for both oral and topical use, go to and

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