New Eco-Centered Middle-Grade Adventure Teaches Kids How to Make a Difference

No Time to Waste

Carolyn Armstrong


Armstrong hooks her audience with the novel’s conflict and leaves them with tangible ways to positively impact the planet.”

— Meaghan H., middle school teacher

UNITED STATES, June 27, 2024 / — Join in another exciting, Earth-friendly adventure in the latest installment of Carolyn Armstrong’s award-winning Eco Warriors series, NO TIME TO WASTE.

The series follows 11-year-old twins Sydney and Sierra — and their talking animal friends — on their missions to tackle the greatest threats to wild habitats. This time, the twins head to the coast for an adventure that highlights ocean plastic pollution, its effects on marine mammals, and the power small actions have in making a difference.

Fresh from their Arctic adventure of saving polar bears, Sydney and Sierra visit a sea kelp habitat off the coast of California. While scuba diving, the girls are enlisted to rescue an animal in trouble. Sydney’s animal contact, a sea otter named Sunny, tells them that ocean plastic pollution has entangled another otter, and it needs immediate help.

Even if the girls can release the otter from its plastic prison, there’s a much greater threat in the ocean. Together, they’ll have to use all of their wits, ingenuity and determination to somehow help their animal friends. But as they try — and fail again and again — Sydney has a sinking feeling that she’s in over her head. One thing is clear: there’s literally no time to waste.

Author Carolyn Armstrong — environmentalist and former educator —blends her love of travel and animal well-being into the Eco Warriors series, encouraging readers of all ages to be advocates for planet Earth.

NO TIME TO WASTE — as well as Armstrong’s previous book, AT THE EDGE OF THE ICE — will transform young readers’ eco-anxiety into eco-action, inspiring a new generation of youth activists.

Praise is already rolling in for NO TIME TO WASTE:

“The dynamics of twin sisters with contrasting personalities, nosy parents, new content-specific vocabulary, and imminent danger will keep readers on the edge of their seats and, by the end, convert them into allies of ocean conservation.” —Bibi Belford, Christopher award-winning author of Crossing the Line, Canned and Crushed, and Another D for DeeDee (Kirkus Star)

“Armstrong hooks her audience with the novel’s conflict and leaves them with tangible ways to positively impact the planet.” — Meaghan H., a middle school teacher from Evanston, IL

NO TIME TO WASTE is available on Amazon and other popular retail outlets where books are sold.


Carolyn Armstrong is the award-winning author of Earth-friendly middle-grade fiction. A former educator and now an imperfect environmentalist, she blends her love of travel and animal well-being into her stories. She encourages everyone to be advocates for planet Earth. It’s as easy as refusing a plastic drinking straw (and doing it every single time).

Carolyn has received multiple awards for excellence in independent publishing, including the Spark Award from the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI). At the Edge of the Ice made the 2024 Green Earth Book Awards’ Recommended Reading List for best environmental literature for children and young adults.

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