The Extraordinary True Story of a Man’s Life Without Official Identity

Finding Penrose Book

Paula Sheridan

Paula Sheridan, Author of Finding Penrose

“Finding Penrose” is a book about Penrose Matsile’s plight for identity in apartheid-era Africa, a true testament to resilience and hope.

Sensibly penned timeless story of resilience and fragility of being human.”

— Pramudith D Rupasinghe, Novelist

LONDON, UK, June 7, 2024 / — In 1922 Colonial Africa, a young boy on the brink of manhood, Penrose Matsile, was suddenly stolen from his village and captured as a goat herder. Penrose lived with a white family for over three decades, striving to find his true self. His life became a journey of seeking identity and belonging, and is a powerful testament to human resilience. In today’s modern society this would be unheard of, and yet there are likely still parts of the world that are experiencing this in real time.

Just a year before his passing, he finally obtained his identity document. His funeral was attended by white mourners, laying to rest a black man who had struggled to reclaim his identity in the face of apartheid oppression.

Finding Penrose,” is a novel and screenplay inspired by his life, transcends geographical and cultural boundaries, showcasing the shared capacity for hope, courage, and self-discovery. The story delves into the harsh realities Penrose faced, the heartbreak of losing his cultural heritage, and the daily battles to hold onto his humanity in a society intent on stripping it away.

Despite his challenges, Penrose endeared himself to a large white family, known for his kindness, unwavering spirit, and loyalty. A beacon of hope, radiating light even in the darkest moments.

“Will humanity ever learn?” The story asks, yet through Penrose’s enduring spirit, it offers a message of hope – that love, resilience, and self-discovery can triumph over adversity.

Pramudith D Rupasinghe, a Humanitarian and Novelist, described “Finding Penrose” as a timeless narrative of resilience and the fragility of being human.

As the world grapples with issues of identity and belonging, “Finding Penrose” serves as a poignant reminder that shared humanity can overcome adversity.

Readers are invited to embark on a transformative journey, celebrating the strength of the human spirit and the enduring power of family, love, and self-acceptance. Authored by Paula Sheridan, who refers to herself as Penrose’s “white granddaughter,” the book is a moving testament to the unwavering human spirit and the powerful force of hope.

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About Paula Sheridan
Paula Sheridan is an award-winning author whose passion lies in crafting stories that celebrate the resilience and triumph of the human spirit. Growing up in South Africa, she witnessed firsthand the enduring power of hope and self-discovery in the face of adversity – experiences that profoundly shaped her worldview and inspired her to share narratives that transcend boundaries and resonate with universal themes.

Paula Sheridan
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