Memphis 1st 35mm Independent Theatrical Filmmaker Elmore fights White Supremacy, Racism & Black Racism for Film Legacy

Amp Elmore lead the 1st 18 yr voter registration in TN. A devoted Community activist who honors the legacy of Dr.King explains that it is important that our youth learn their history. Elmore challenges Indie Memphis for refusing to acknowledge Black Memphis Film History

Elmore faced over 36 years of a planned racism whereas the fact that he is Memphis 1st Independent Theatrical Filmmaker goes untold Elmore asked the Black women to have the courage & integrity to publicly acknowledge that a Black film is Memphis 1st Independent Film

Elmore’s 1988 Film Release in Memphis was treated with White Supremacy, Racism and Black on Black racism Elmore’s film played in Kenya in 1990 Elmore was treated with a hero’s welcome Elmore film is a tool of cultural diplomacy bringing Memphis & Kenya relationships

Memphis historic Filmmaker Amp Elmore withdraws from the 26th Annual Indie Memphis Film Festival because they refuse to acknowledge Elmore’s Black Film history

those who have no record of what their forebears have accomplished lose the inspiration which comes from the teaching of biography and history.”

— Dr. Carter G. Woodson father of African/American History

MEMPHIS, TN, UNITED STATES, October 19, 2023 / — Memphis born Anthony “Amp” Elmore is the father of Kickboxing in Memphis and a 5 time World Kickboxing Champion, a community activist and the 1st to produce a film regarding Black Memphis history.

August 28, 2023 marked the 60th anniversary of the Dr. Martin Luther King’s iconic “I have a Dream Speech.” On September 18, 2023 Elmore released a national news release titled “Orange Mound Kickboxing Movie Connects Kenya, King, Kennedy, Family, Friendship, Faith, Finance, Food & Kenyan Tom Mboya.” Elmore explains in his News Release that his 1988 Memphis Film “The Contemporary Gladiator” is a catalyst of cultural diplomacy to honor the legacies of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and one of Kenya’s Founding Fathers; “Tom Mboya.”

Elmore quit college in 1972 to join the civil rights movement learning directly under one of the most important and vital civil rights leaders in History. Elmore joined the movement with Rev. James Bevel. Bevel was the chief strategist for Dr. Martin Luther King. Bevel was the brain child of the Selma to Montgomery march, the 1963 Children’s crusade in Alabama and the person who motivated voting rights activist in Mississippi Fannie Lou Hammer. The room where Dr. King got Killed in Memphis was Bevel’s room whereas they switched Bevel’s room for opportunity to murder Dr. King.

Elmore in his 1988 Film “The Contemporary Gladiator” asked Dr. David Acey who is founder of the Memphis “Africa in April Celebration” to play the role of Bevel in Elmore’s film.

Elmore notes that just four years after the ABC Television show roots premiered in 1977 and also in 1977 Muhammad Ali played himself in the movie “The Greatest” Elmore was the 1st person to bring E.S.P.N. to Memphis in 1981. Elmore produced Kickboxing shows that aired of Black Entertainment Television in 1986, whereas Elmore became inspired by the 1986 Spike Lee Black and White Film “She’s Gotta Have it,” whereas Elmore re-enrolled in College and took an English and Typing Course thereby Elmore wrote a movie script and set out to produce a movie about his life story.

Ironically Elmore met with Marius Penczner who was the Memphis State student who directed the 1982 student film “I was a Zombie for the FBI.” Penczner read Elmore’s script and declined to direct the film. However Penczner gave Elmore some life changing advice. He introduced Elmore to the book titled; “Independent Feature Film Production by Gregory Goodell.” This book became Elmore’s Filmmaking Bible.

One has to look no further than January 7, 2023 when five Black police officers brutally killed 29 year old Black Tyre Nichols to realize that a culture of Black on Black racism exist in Memphis. The April 23, 2023 Video below Elmore begs newly appointed Black Female executive director of Indie Memphis Kimel Fyer to stop its pattern and practices of supporting White Supremacy, Racism and Black on Black Racism.

On June 30, 2023 Elmore published an International News Release titled: “Orange Mound vs. Indie Memphis’ Elmore explains how Memphis Film Culture Robs Historic Black Community of dignity of film Honor and Prestige.” Click here to read news release.

Elmore says in the news release notes: “Indie Memphis” has been the paradigm of “White Supremacy, Racism and now Black on Black Racism” whereas they used their platform to obscure Black Memphis Film history and deny Black Orange Mound out of its rightful place as “The Birthplace of Memphis Independent theatrical filmmaking.” Until 2023 they never invited Elmore to an Indie Film festival or allowed his film history to be told.”

The story of Memphis racist film history started in 1987 whereas Elmore was the 1st client of new Shelby County Film Commissioner Linn Sitler. Elmore whom had never walked on a film set ventured to make a film using the book as his film guide. There existed no 35mm film camera, film equipment or film lab or faculties in Memphis to produce a film. Elmore traveled to Atlanta, found a film lab and a place to rent filmmaking equipment. Elmore hired a Black Film crew from Chicago who lived in Elmore’s home, whereas they started shooting the film; “The Contemporary Gladiator in Black Orange Mound in Memphis in 1987.

The White Memphis Film Commissioner Linn Sitler refuse to acknowledge the fact that Memphis first Independent 35mm Theatrical film was his 1988 film release was “The Contemporary Gladiator.” Elmore explains that I create the 1st Kickboxing film in American film history. Elmore explains; we are role models, whereas we made not only Memphis 1st Independent film, we made the 1st Kickboxing film in American Film History. Black youth should know that America’s 1st Kickboxing film is a Black film about a Black world champion, made in a Black Community.

Elmore explains when I was a child living in segregated America we had to enter the rear door or the Malco Theatre downtown. In 1988 I sat with the owner of the Malco Mr. Steve Lightman; whereas I was the 1st Memphis filmmaker to feature a movie in Memphis theatres. Elmore encourages the readers to see the video posted 3 months ago: Linn Sitler vs Black America USA Indie Memphis Joins In. Click here to see Video.

Elmore explains that Black Memphis should challenge “Indie Memphis” whereas they have two Black Women who continues the pattern and practices of White Supremacy, Racism; whereas they disrespect and disregard not only a Memphis five time world Kickboxing champion who withdrew from their 26 Annual Film Festival whereas Indie Memphis refuse to acknowledge Black Memphis film history that notes that “Orange Mound a Historic and first Community in America built for Blacks by Black” is the “Birthplace of Independent theatrical Filmmaking in Memphis.

A bright spot happen to Elmore. Memphis 1st Black Radio Station WLOK owner Art Gilliam wrote Elmore October 13, 2023; “WLOK Radio does support the efforts of you and others in the orange Mound community to put into proper historical context the role of Orange Mound and its citizens in the Memphis film industry.”

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Orange Mound Black Memphis Hollywood Seeks Indie Memphis Joint Effort of Cultural Diplomacy April 23, 2023

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