How QNAP storage works so well with Axle AI – and why it’s important to the video industry

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QNAP storage and Axle AI MAM software are an ideal toolset for video teams

QNAP storage and Axle AI MAM software

NAB Show 2023, Las Vegas - QNAP and Axle AI will be exhibiting

NAB Show 2023, Las Vegas

Industry-leading Storage and MAM companies team up at hundreds of customer sites with rapidly growing media requirements; QNAP and Axle AI exhibiting at NAB.

We and our hundreds of our customers have had great success with QNAP over the years – their systems are extremely reliable, and fast and scalable enough to handle demanding video workflows.”

— Sam Bogoch, CEO of Axle AI

BOSTON, MA, USA, April 12, 2023/ — As digital media continues to dominate the world of content creation, the need for efficient and seamless media asset management has never been more necessary. With terabytes upon terabytes of video, images, and other media to keep track of, it’s no surprise that content creators often struggle with organization, storage, and collaboration. Fortunately, QNAP and Axle AI have teamed up to provide an integrated solution that simplifies the entire media asset management process.

QNAP (booth N2374) and Axle AI (booth N1021) are excited to announce that they will be showcasing their solutions at NAB in Las Vegas from April 15-19. Don’t miss the chance to visit our booths and learn more about how our integrated storage and media asset management solutions can revolutionize your content creation process.

QNAP’s high-speed, network-attached storage (NAS) solutions with the addition of expansion units, are capable of storing petabytes of data, making it easily accessible to multiple users, simultaneously. Thunderbolt and various high-speed Ethernet options enable teams of editors to simultaneously access and edit files directly from the NAS, without the need for time-consuming file transfers. Additionally, if a drive fails, QNAP is hot-swappable with RAID redundancy, allowing users to switch out affected drives without losing data and interrupting their workflow. Sam Bogoch, Axle AI’s CEO, said “We and our customers have had great success with QNAP over the years – their systems are extremely reliable, and fast and scalable enough to handle demanding video workflows.”

What really sets QNAP apart is its integration with Axle AI’s intelligent asset management software. This integration enables more intuitive media organization, allowing users to search for files not only by title or category but also by an extensive range of other metadata, such as AI/ML-powered facial recognition and automatic voice transcription. Finding the exact moment when a specific person said a specific phrase or word is as simple as entering a search query.

QNAP’s NAS also allows users to create multi-tier storage arrays, allowing them to set up a hybrid hard drive/solid-state solution and store hi-access media such as proxy files on SSDs for superior performance while keeping the larger, hi-res files on higher-capacity hard drive arrays. This means that users can easily work with lightweight proxy files while the NAS stores the original, high-resolution files in a secure, accessible location. When browsing video clips, users can scrub through the clip right on the file thumbnail to quickly glance at the scenes within the clip. This feature speeds up the review process and helps users identify the content they need quickly and easily.

Axle AI also includes powerful collaboration tools. Team members can access and edit media files directly from the platform, making it easy to produce content and maintain consistency across the creative project. With Axle AI, you can share project files, annotations, and comments, all from within the platform. This streamlines the collaboration process and makes it easy to keep everyone on the same page, reducing the risk of errors or miscommunications. In addition, Axle offers a no-code workflow automation tool, Connectr, that streamlines a wide range of video processing tasks. Overall, Axle’s MAM is a powerful toolset that can help media professionals create high-quality content in less time.

Another benefit of using Axle AI is its ability to provide secure, remote access to all media and files. Editors and producers can access their media from anywhere with an internet connection, as long as they have the proper permissions and credentials. By providing web-based remote access, Axle AI makes it easier for teams to work together, no matter where they are. This can be a big enabler for remote or distributed teams, or for teams that need to work on media projects while on the go.

Whether for small teams with just a few terabytes of data, or a large teams with petabytes, QNAP has the right solution to store content and keep the production process fluid. With QNAP and Axle AI, media asset management has never been simpler.


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