DEXTER Actress Stars in Award-Winning Adult Animated Thriller with a Twist

Official Poster for SABINA: Prey for the Hunter

The World Premiere of SABINA: Prey for the Hunter is a brooding, bloody, and beautiful animated thriller, hot off the domestic and international circuit.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, May 8, 2024 / — With Mother’s Day around the corner, therapy buzzwords like “narcissism”, “trauma bonding”, and “generational healing” will no doubt abound on social media.

With all this emotional chaos, it takes real discernment to ask…

“What does it take to heal the wounds of a violent past?”

SABINA: Prey for the Hunter is a multi-award winning film which has its World Premiere on YouTube today, tackling the soul-searching questions of internal transformation (and finding some shocking answers), in a brooding, bloody, and beautiful animated thriller, hot off the domestic and international film festival circuit.

Starring Dexter’s Michele Lulic and animated by Octavio Llano, SABINA proudly has achieved Best Animated Film at several festivals, including the Los Angeles Cinematography Awards. The film was also nominated alongside Billie Eilish for Best Song (Short Film) at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards, for a collaborative theme song with power vocalist (and winner of The Voice – Croatia) Nina Kraljić, the UK’s young producing virtuoso Jon Altham of SoundWave Studios, and Los Angeles-based Jubilee Productions.

This 10-minute short follows a classic noir format with an animated twist: After a serial killer murders her immigrant mother, a Bosnian-American Muslim cop seeks vengeance.

Based on the Brown Book Award-winning short story (inspired by her Bosnian Muslim friends), penned by co-director Nicole Starrett when she was 19, SABINA: Prey for the Hunter created a loyal fan base in an initial round of fundraising in 2018. Being selected as a “Featured Project” and receiving a fiscal sponsorship via Fractured Atlas, further fueled today’s gratifying release.

Co-founders of Jubilee Productions, creative talents Marcus T. Thomas (This Is Us, Black-ish) and Nicole Starrett (30 Rock, The Mad Whale, Little Brother) are now releasing the adult animated film for FREE to the public, so that their mission of sparking conversation around forgiveness and healing has the maximum possible impact.

WATCH THE FILM TODAY – SABINA: Prey for the Hunter

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