Melodic New Album by Samir Bodhi Sheds Light on our Loss of Empathy in Wake of Recent Global Crises

Memories of Empathy, a new album by Samir Bodhi.

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Indian born composer, producer and guitarist Samir Bodhi.

Samir Bodhi unites a group of renowned musicians for a new age fusion album of traditional Indian melodies and instruments merged with relaxing Western beats.

If we want to create a more peaceful world, we all must start with empathy, putting one in another person’s situation…”

— Samir Bodhi

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, July 14, 2023/ — Today, Samir Bodhi returns to the new age genre with a second collection, the sublime album MEMORIES OF EMPATHY. His debut album, Stairway to Nirvana, reached #1 on Amazon’s New Age New Release chart and #4 on the Zone Music Reporter’s Global Airplay charts, establishing Bodhi’s mission for building a better world through music. Memories of Empathy advances Bodhi’s musical vision to bring different cultures and communities together to increase mutual understanding and recall human empathy.

Taking an East-meets-West approach, Bodhi bands together with new friends and old, creating a select group of renowned musicians to produce this new age fusion of traditional Indian melodies and instruments merged with relaxing Western beats. The album has been referred to as one that blueprints a new world order suitable for fans of various interests, musical tastes, and lifestyles.

Memories of Empathy is a product of cooperation among talented artists working alongside Bodhi (on nylon guitar and Ableton) to reminisce on more empathetic days. The album features three tracks co-produced by guitarist/bassist Sanjoy Das and three by American multi-instrumentalist David Vito Gregoli. Sanjoy Das previously collaborated with Bodhi in the development of Stairway to Nirvana, and has been featured on Ustad Zakir Hussain’s “Huzur” live series and MTV India. The final track, “World of Empathy,” features the Indian film composer and Indosphere keyboardist Louis Banks, who has also been referred to as the “Godfather of Indian Jazz.”

A Samir Bodhi album isn’t complete without transcendent vocals. Bollywood singer Madhumita Chatterjee and Indian classical vocalist Supriyo Dutta’s vocals can be heard on the album’s “Have and Have Nots” track. Madhumita Chatterjee has co-sung with legends such as Anup Jalota and Kumar Sanu, and has collaborated with several composers in India and Hollywood. Supriyo Dutta has performed all over the world and trained under critically acclaimed Indian classical artists such as Pandit Ramkrishna Basu. Also contributing integral performances are Partha Paul (synth, saxophone, Rhythm Programming), Sandip Chatterjee (Santoor), Subir Ray (Indian flute), and Joydeb Nandi (Tabla).

On the recording side, the album benefitted from the talents of Goutam Basu at Studio Vibrations, Kolkata (India), David Vito Gregoli – Sound Painter Studios, Los Angeles (USA), and Samir Bodhi – Rishov Studios (Madhumita Chatterjee’s vocals), Los Angeles (USA) contributed. Mixing was deftly handled by Lonnie Park – Barncastle Studios, Ithaca (USA), mastering by Todd Boston – Spatial Sound Studios, Portland (USA), and Creative Design by Rick Sarkar – Aress Communet, Kolkata (India).

Bodhi envisions the album having an important impact on all listeners. He says, “If we want to create a more peaceful world, we all must start with empathy, putting one in another person’s situation. I hope that the six tracks we have created in the new album will bring peace and help people to have more empathy in their lives. I hope they take some time to understand someone else’s situation, to be empathetic.”

Critics have already raved in music reviews about Samir Bodhi’s latest collection, speaking highly of its ability to revive human spirits and its uplifting essence. Vivek Kumar, writing for New Music Alert, opines, “He infuses a lofty purpose into his music, every time coming up with a startling new theme connected to reviving human spirits and emancipating human feelings. The end results from his compositions wish to transform humans and revive the world.”

Memories of Empathy (2023, Rishov Music Publishing, ASCAP) is available in various formats including CD, download and streaming. The CD charted at #1 in New Age New Releases on Amazon, available at, and, is currently the feature story at Best New Age CDs.

Streaming is available worldwide, with primary platform links available at

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1. Have and Have Nots 5:55

2. Heaven So High 4:29

3. Affinity 6:32

4. Compassion-Karuna 5:38

5. Indifference 4:43

6. World of Empathy 6:48


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Memories of Empathy by Samir Bodhi – Teaser Part 1

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