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This book is about winning instincts. It asks the readers to ask themselves where they are going in their lives and how they will get there. This book will tell us how to get there. Strategy, tactics, and the words to use. The letters sent by Alan Share to his managers every week for a year sharing the secrets of their success. The company is now a PLC with a multimillion turnover and 300,000 trustees with many recommendations for excellence. How you win and have success comes from what you know. It is impossible without knowledge. Essentially it comes from you. This book will tell you how to get there. Say YES to Life is full of the unexpected. It’s about helping young people learn from their mistakes as well as the learnings of the author’s success.


Alan Share carries a distinguished history of Academia, law, politics, entrepreneurship, and advocacy. From his tenure at Oxford as a barrister in Manchester, to his time with the Liberal Party and his journey as an unexpected, successful entrepreneur. Alan combines his diverse experience and life lesson into his latest book. In the Serious Pursuit of Excellence.


Kenneth J. Harrison. 27th June 2023. (Retired Engineer).

A book in The Serious Pursuit of Excellence is timely. Alan’s Fifty-Two Management Letters was written as a parting gift for the managers. Before he retired, one week a year, he provided a treasure trove of good and practical advice for anyone interested in selling or making anything in today’s challenging world. As Alan says “Mediocrity can sometimes be very expensive.”


Hello Alan,

“I have just finished reading Management Letters and watched your interview with Logan Crawford. Both interesting and thought-provoking as ever.

At the age of ninety, it is so amazing that you are still so sharp and engaging. Much of what you wrote about in the book, I have used throughout my working life. I have learned so much from you and Mike which stood me in good stead when running my own business for almost thirty-five years. Thank you for that and the time I spent working with you at SCS.”

Very best wishes,



You can watch the Interview with Alan Share author of Death of a Nightingale with host Yaya Diamond through this link, For Alan Share’s presentation, you can click this link, Limmud 10 – BPS Presentation 9.8.2004 Edited (8).pptx. You can also watch his previous TV Interview with Logan Crawford for the Death of a Nightingale 2022 through this link, and his recent Interview with Logan Crawford on Spotlight Network for the Management Letters, Also, on June 2008 Alan Share was the “Featured Author” of the month in Oxford Alumni and Blackwell Publishers. You can visit his website through this link You may also check his book on Amazon here,

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Management Letters: In the Serious Pursuit of Excellence – on Spotlight with Logan Crawford

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