Maison NATAN COUTURE FW25 during Paris Haute Couture Week


For this new Couture season, which celebrated timeless refinement - yet firmly rooted in the present - at a hotel de maitre on July 25 in Paris, Maison Natan drew inspiration from new sculptural materials for a sophisticated collection, shaped with masterful craftsmanship and imbued with desire.

With references to the supreme elegance of the 1950s, dear to Edouard Vermeulen, the Couture collection unveiled by Maison Natan blends innovative lines, free body movements, and the sublimation of the silhouette, with particular attention to wearability. The meticulous quality transcends circumstances and appeals to all generations. The Woman is placed at the center of the garment, which is enhanced by her movement and attitude.

Always focused on elegance and inventiveness, the Belgian designer has reinterpreted classic forms, played with light, infused the unexpected, and imagined a new brilliance. Combining the richness of basic materials with coated fabrics for shine and airy wools to anchor winter pieces over time, the Maison has transformed precious fabrics. For instance, a shirtdress in organza with a back neckline, worn with fuchsia wool and silk trousers and semi-gloss aubergine long gloves, and an iconic mohair evening dress, warm up modern occasions.

Becauseevenincomfort,Couturerequiresstructure,EdouardVermeulenemphasizesintricate constructions this season, with high-waisted flat-pleated pants, chiffon pants dancing around the legs. Below-the-knee lengths mix with short pieces, to be harmonized with large, elegant coats. A hat embroidered with translucent pearls offers a cinematic presence, while full skirts cinched at the waist create new volumes for an impactful narrative. A black organza cape dress creates a sensation, as does a draped bustier resembling a winged statue, imprinting the retina and holding it: one possesses the space by the grace of a rare knit sculpture. The materials juxtapose and enrich each other; we discover black in the collection, high-prestige leather in the presence for elegantly refined dresses, and always the timeless aesthetic of a worked minimalism.

The materials are precious, but to vary the originalities, a graphic satin top is mixed with a long sheath skirt in shantung silk, a short silk taffeta dress with an embroidered cape, a four-pocket neoprene suit with bent sleeves and a crystal belt. The Maison innovates again with double-faced silks, crepes, and chiffons, assertive colors. This collection interprets lacquered textures and tangy tones (neon apple, black violet, ripe cherry, and fuchsia pink) mixed with black or navy blue, delicately placed or contrasted with the purity of snow white.

The fabrics come to life differently depending on the cut and draping, each piece dialogues with the body, and Couture offers a new experience, an adventure.


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Photo: Press Maison NATAN

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By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad