LaMarr “Deuce” Lubin’s “Dance Floor” Sets the Southern Soul Scene Ablaze, Streaming Now on All Major Platforms

Lamarr “Deuce” Lubin

Lamarr "Deuce".Lubin

Lamarr “Deuce” Lubin

La Marr “Deuce” Lubin, D.R.S. Lead Singer, Revolutionizes Southern Soul with “Dance Floor

This song is dedicated to the amazing fans of Southern Soul. Music from the soul represents the heart of the culture and the people.”

— Lamarr “Deuce” Lubin

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, March 4, 2024 / — La Marr “Deuce” Lubin, celebrated lead vocalist of the 90s platinum R&B group D.R.S., known for the iconic single “Gangsta Lean,” is proud to unveil his latest masterpiece in the Southern Soul genre, “Dance Floor.” This new single, streaming on all major platforms, is a vibrant homage to the soulful essence of the South, reflecting Deuce’s profound musical heritage and fresh, innovative approach to the genre.

“Dance Floor” emerges at a time when Southern Soul is enjoying a renaissance, brought into the limelight by recent works like Beyoncé’s “Texas Hold ‘Em.” Deuce’s contribution with “Dance Floor” adds a rich, new layer to this evolving musical tapestry, promising to resonate with fans of all ages, much like “Gangsta Lean” continues.

In a heartfelt dedication, La Marr “Deuce” Lubin says, “This song is dedicated to the amazing fans of Southern Soul. Music from the soul represents the heart of the culture and the people. It’s time that the industry notices the talent producing good music from the rooted in the culture of the South.” His words echo a deep commitment to the authenticity and vibrancy of Southern Soul music, aiming to highlight its significance in the broader cultural landscape.

The release of “Dance Floor” also marks a notable collaboration between Deuce and the up-and-coming Southern Soul producer Anthony Graham. Together, they are set on crafting music that not only moves the body but also touches the soul, embodying the very essence of what makes Southern Soul so impactful.

Deuce’s journey in music is not just a tale of personal achievement but a continuation of a rich familial legacy. As the grandson of Linda Hopkins, the Tony Award-winning Broadway legend, Deuce carries forward a legacy of soulful expression and unparalleled musicality that has been a hallmark of his career, from his days with D.R.S. to his current exploration of Southern Soul.

With “Dance Floor,” La Marr “Deuce” Lubin invites listeners to embrace the warmth and depth of Southern Soul. Fans and newcomers alike can look forward to experiencing this new chapter in Deuce’s musical odyssey through the single and the upcoming tour that promises to celebrate the essence of soul music.

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Lamarr “Deuce” Lubin Dance Floor

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