Kwasi Asare 2050 Forums &  Feedia Founder featured on Sirius XM Radio regarding humanity’s future as temperatures rise

Kwasi Asare

Kwasi Asare+ President Biden

Kwasi Asare

Kwasi Asare 2050 Forums & Feedia Founder featured on Sirius XM Radio regarding humanity’s future as temperatures rise across the planet.

As temperatures rise across the planet, global tensions rise and we risk escalation of global conflicts with each degree.. We are reaching a breaking point, a point of no return, god help us.”

— Kwasi Asare

NEW ORLEANS, LA, UNITED STATES, August 2, 2023/ — The Feedia Agency, a full service Go-To-Market Business Development and marketing Agency founded by media technology visionary Kwasi Asare, produced The 2050 Forums during The Sundance Film Festival 2023.

Feedia CEO Kwasi Asare was recently featured on Sirius/XM Radio regarging the platform he created to save humanity.

During the festival, The Feedia Agency hosted over 1000 innovators, investors, influencers, film makers, producers and creators across 10 events, highlighting over 50 subject matter experts, founders, investors, creators, and artists.

The 2050 Forums @ Sundance was sponsored in part by Culture Shift Labs, Origen Vodka, Ocean Box, Lights, Camera, Diaspora, ME Ventures and Value Culture. Additional support was provided by Upstaged, Gaia House, Magic Fund, and Uncle Nearest.

This robust global coalition formed to spark dialogue and convene “Parties with a Purpose” with the goal of focusing humanity’s collective energies to rally our species to work together to fight against some of humanity’s greatest challenges.

2050 Forums has partnered with Grit Daily House to produce 2050 Forums at Grit Daily House at SXSW March 11th to 13th 2023 in Austin, Texas, and is now accepting applications for sponsors, speakers and performers.

These vital conversations about humanity’s path to 2050 will continue at COP 28, UNGA 2023, Consumer Electronics Show 2024, and Sundance 2024.

Highlights from the 2050 Forums are live on Feedia’s Youtube Channel.

2050 Forums @ Sundance 2023 Powered by Feedia (Highlights Part 1)

Speakers and subject matter experts for The 2050 Forums @ Sundance included: Sami Steigman ( United Against Hate), Patrick Gaspard(Africa), Stephan Hartman (The Future of Digital Media), Dr. Sharon Megdal (Climate Innovation), Audu Makori (Africa), Richard Gant (The Red Card Campaign Against Gender Based Violence and Discrimination), Brandon Pankey (The Future of Digital Media), Raymond St Martin (NFT’s and The Global Heritage Economy), Ramfis Myrthil (Future of Film/Ricky), and Jason Steinhauer (How Technology is Disrupting History).

Performers for 2050 Forums @Sundance 2023 included Max Louis, Snow Raven, Kosha Dillz, David Weber, and Medicine Love.

Visual artists included Isla Moon, Joseph Skala, and Alejandro Glatt.

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