Isa Aydin Collaborates with Fashion Stylist, MUAs, and Models on Fashion Photoshoots to Expand Their Portfolios

Isa Aydin collaborates with fashion stylist, MUAs, and models in Manhattan and New Jersey to create stunning portfolios and showcase their talents.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, June 25, 2024 / — Renowned commercial photographer Isa Aydin has recently collaborated with fashion stylist Marina Forbatok and makeup artist Diana Petrova on a series of exciting fashion projects. These collaborations were designed to enhance the portfolios of each talent while showcasing their unique abilities and creative visions.
The fashion photoshoots took place in various locations across Manhattan and in Isa Aydin’s photography studio in New Jersey.

The collaboration featured a lineup of stunning models, including Sofiia Girich, Lavender Nyamwaro, Brandon Cole Bailey, Zarina Yeva, and Diana Pogorelaya. Each model brought their own style and flair to the project, resulting in a diverse and captivating collection of images.

This joint effort not only highlighted the exceptional skills of photographer Isa Aydin and stylist Marina Forbatok, but also provided a platform for the models and makeup artists to shine and expand their professional portfolios. The stunning visuals produced during this collaboration are a testament to the creativity and talent of everyone involved.

For more information or to view the images from this collaboration, please visit Isa Aydin’s Portfolio.

About Isa Aydin
Isa Aydin is a commercial product and fashion photographer based in New York, specializing in product, fashion, and cosmetics photography. He is a Light Master of Broncolor and an internationally published advertising photographer.

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