Imagine and Wonder publishers announce the release of Suzanne Preston Blier’s new book, The Streets Of Newtowne

Illustration from The Streets of Newtowne

Historic Map

Historic Map

The Streets of Newtowne

The Streets of Newtowne

Uncover the Hidden Stories of Newtowne:
A Journey through Cambridge’s Rich History!

Rediscovering the Past: Newtowne’s Historical Significance

Blier wonderfully retells the story of our first planned city highlighting its Indigenous, African, and more recent immigrants, as well as the enormous contributions made by its female residents.”

— Henry Louis Gates Jr., Harvard University Professor and PBS host

IRVINGTON, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2023/ — Uncover the Hidden Stories of Newtowne—A Journey through Cambridge’s Rich History!

Explore the fascinating story of Newtowne, a town that shaped the nation. “The Streets of Newtowne” takes you on a captivating journey through time, unraveling the events and individuals that influenced the history of both the town and the United States. Order your copy today and delve into the untold stories of Newtowne.

Rediscovering the Past: Newtowne’s Historical Significance

Unearthing Newtowne’s history is like piecing together a complex puzzle. From its origins as North America’s first planned city to its contemporary role as a thriving cultural hub, this town has witnessed a multitude of fascinating stories. Newtowne’s historical significance extends beyond its borders, providing a microcosm of the nation’s evolution.

Praise for: “Suzanne Preston Blier‘s The Streets Of Newtowne”

“Travel the dirt pathways, the rough cobblestones, and the smooth paved streets of Cambridge in this fascinating trip through time, an amazingly comprehensive little volume, richly illustrated and warmly written about one of America’s coolest, smartest, and most interesting towns. It is written for young readers, but no matter how old you are, you’ll be surprised on every page.”

—William Martin, New York Times bestselling author of Cape Cod and Harvard Yard.

“Harvard Square occupies a site originally intended to be the capital of Massachusetts Bay Colony that has been the location of Harvard College since 1636. Harvard professor and community leader Suzanne Preston Blier has written a vivid and refreshingly original book that brings to life the complex history of this unique community.”

—-Charles Sullivan, Executive Director, Cambridge Historical Commission, co-author: Building Old Cambridge.

“In The Streets of Newtowne,” Blier wonderfully retells the story of North America’s first planned city, Cambridge, MA. The book highlights the contributions to the city’s rich history made by its Indigenous, African, and more recent immigrant communities, as well as the enormous contributions made by its female residents. A model retelling of American history by focusing on the fascinating evolution of one of America’s most vibrant, historically significant, and rightly celebrated cities.”

—Henry Louis Gates Jr., Harvard University Professor; Host of PBS Series. Finding Your Roots.

Some say an unusual book for a Harvard professor, but it takes a person of the author’s obvious intellectual gifts to bring such valuable education forward in a format that a young reader can connect with. The illustrations by Jim Blake are extraordinary and complement the rich depth of the narrative with powerful visual communication. This book is a children’s history rockstar.

—Simon Mills, children’s author.

“Colorful Streets of Newtowne provides history for the young with voices other texts leave out. Blier’s critical outlook on history, lovely illustrations, and key thinking questions sprinkled in

—Cambridge Day.

Early awards:

-Commendation: City of Cambridge and Cambridge Historical Commission.

Available in hardcover, softcover, or Ebook

About the author:

Suzanne P. Blier Ph.D. is a tenured professor at Harvard (in the Art History and African, African American Studies Departments) and has written many award-winning books in her field – both trade publications and more specialized works. Most recently, she published Picasso’s Demoiselles: The Untold Origins of a Modern Masterpiece, winner of the 2020 Robert Motherwell Award, and is now completing a new academic work, 1325: How Medieval Africa Made the World Modern (Yale).

A word from the author.

I teach each year a class on Harvard Square to undergraduate students at Harvard in addition to my regular teaching obligations. It is really a course about this city, its complex issues, and how we need to work together to face core challenges. My aim is to get them to see how important it is to become active in whatever locality they will live in. In 2017 I became very concerned about the increasing destruction of historic buildings in Harvard Square (earlier Newtowne). I founded the Harvard Square Neighborhood Association with the aim of addressing core issues of history, preservation, and design here. I led the successful effort to pass new zoning laws to improve things, and I helped to organize a city-wide advocacy group with a leadership team from the various neighborhood leaders. We now have a significant following and are active leaders in addressing local issues of the environment, housing affordability, public transportation, and sustainability.

About the publisher:

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