Haitian Creole Voice-Over and Video Subtitles Services Help Companies Communicate with Haitian Viewers & Customers

Haitian Creole voice-over and Video subtitles by Your-Haitian-Translation

Need Haitian Creole Text to Speech? Get a Haitian native to Record your Haitian Creole text

Need Haitian Creole Text to Speech? Get a Haitian native to Record your Haitian Creole text

As a Haitian Creole Voice-over talent, I will record up to 200 words for you in Haitian Creole whether it’s for personal or business use.”

— Swans Paul, Haitian Creole Translator and Voice-over Talent

HERNANDARIAS, PARAGUAY, July 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Your-Haitian-Translator is excited to announce the launch of its new Haitian Creole voice-over and video subtitles services, aimed at enhancing communication for companies targeting Haitian audiences. As part of this launch, the company is offering a special promotion: up to 200 words translated and recorded in Haitian Creole for free.

According to Your-Haitian-Translator, despite the increasing reliance on text-to-speech technologies, no effective Haitian Creole text-to-speech tool currently exists. Those that do tend to sound unnatural and robotic and even major companies like Google have struggled, discontinuing their Haitian Creole text-to-speech services for years. Creating a competitive Haitian Creole text-to-speech tool requires significant resources and expertise that many new companies may lack. This is where the authentic voice of Swans Paul, a native Haitian speaker, becomes invaluable.

“Political instability in Haiti over the past decades has led to high illiteracy rates, with about 61% of the population unable to read or write in their native language, Haitian Creole,” Swans states. “This presents a significant barrier for those trying to reach the Haitian community through written communication. By providing audio versions of Haitian Creole translations, Your-Haitian-Translator can bridge this gap and ensure messages are accessible to a larger segment of the population.”

Haitian Creole voice-over services are versatile and can be used in various scenarios, including:

• Video dubbing

• Learning Haitian Creole pronunciation

• Providing cultural context in translations

• Enhancing educational materials

• Improving customer service through telephone answering systems

In fact, several case histories highlight the practical applications of the company’s Haitian Creole voice-over services:

• A theater presentation in Germany was made accessible to Haitian Creole speakers.

• An online activist translated Malcolm X’s speech to reach Haitian audiences.

• A prospective foster parent learned to pronounce a name correctly.

• A Haitian individual wanted to pronounce a Haitian Creole proverb accurately.

• A self-study student aimed to improve listening and speaking skills.

• Telephone answering systems were made more inclusive.

Clients have shared their positive experiences, reflecting the impact of Your-Haitian-Translator’s Haitian Creole Voice-over services:

Sarah S., an occupational therapist, noted, “This service was incredibly helpful in making my services more accessible to my clients who speak Haitian-Creole. Swans included fast and slowed down versions of each phrase which allowed me to easily practice alongside the audio files. I really appreciated that Swans included cultural context for one of the phrases to ensure I was able to communicate in the most effective manner. I’m very excited to share my new knowledge with my coworkers, and I hope it will help make our services even more accessible to our diverse population! I am endlessly grateful and will absolutely recommend Swans to anyone I know who wants to learn Haitian-Creole in the future! Thank you again – having accessible services means a lot to me, and I’m so thankful for your help!”

Briand E. described Swans as “incredibly prompt, professional, and friendly. The recordings I requested were provided in a very timely and professional manner. And the recordings were very clear. I would ask them to do more work for me in the future if/when needed.”

Brooks A., exploring his Haitian ancestry and needing to practice Haitian Creole pronunciation, found the service invaluable: “I recently learned my Haitian ancestry and wanted to delve into the culture itself. I had found a proverb that resonated with me but could not find a pronunciation of it in its native language. I searched and came across Your Haitian Translator, Swans Paul, who quickly enunciated the proverb in Haitian Creole!”

Visit https://yourhaitiantranslator.com/ to learn more about the company’s Haitian Creole voice-over services and to take advantage of its launch offer.

About Swans Paul

Swans Paul, born and raised in Haiti and college-educated in the States, is the founder/owner of YourHaitianTranslator. He boasts over 7 years working as a freelance Haitian Creole translator for various translation agencies all over the world, in countries such as the United States, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Egypt, and more.

Besides English to Haitian Creole translation services, Swans has also worked on French to English transcription projects for companies in the UK, France, and Canada – transcribing audio recordings from French into English. With his team, he can also translate Spanish audios into English, as well Brazilian-Portuguese audios into English, having worked as a private tutor for Brazilian people in Boston and given various interviews on Brazilian radio stations. Swans is a self-professed digital nomad, currently living between Paraguay and Brazil.

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