Greg C. Tanner, a Canadian Veteran, All Set to Launch His Debut Book, “First In; Last Out”

Greg C. Tanner, a Canadian Veteran, All Set to Launch His Debut Book, “First In; Last Out”

NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA, July 1, 2024 / — Greg C. Tanner is a retired Canadian veteran, excited to announce the release of his debut book, “First In; Last Out,” which is set to hit the shelves in bookstores and on online platforms like Amazon by 01 July 2024 Canada Day. Tanner served in the Canadian Military Engineering branch for 34 years and brings a fresh perspective to the literary world by sharing his experiences and reflections from his career and journey with PTSD.

“First In; Last Out” is a candid account of Tanner’s life, both on and off the battlefield. Over the years, Tanner has kept detailed journals to redirect his dark and cheerful thoughts and experiences. During the COVID-19 pandemic, which was a year particularly challenging for many, Tanner realized the uncanny parallels between the restrictions and rules imposed during the pandemic and those he faced during his military tours overseas. Just as the military protocols were designed to save and protect lives, so too were the public health measures during the pandemic.

“During my tours, we were issued helmets, flak jackets, gas masks, and assault rifles, all governed by strict rules of engagement. Similarly, during the pandemic, we were given masks, gloves, testing kits, and vaccines, with guidelines to follow for our safety. I knew then and there how hard-wired I was,” Tanner admitted.

In “First In; Last Out,” Tanner addresses various topics, including the experiences of active and retired military personnel, the role of service dogs, and the silent struggles of living with PTSD. The book draws readers to understand the triggers and responses associated with PTSD, and also emphasizes that it’s not always about warfare. It’s a discussion aimed at veterans, their families, and anyone curious about the military experience.

Tanner further added, “After an incident last spring, my PTSD became overwhelming and started to take a huge toll on me and my family. With the support of trusted friends and therapists, I realized I needed to break out of this loop. Redirecting my energy into finishing this book has been a crucial part of my healing process. My hope is that readers will gain a better understanding of the veteran experience and the ongoing battle with PTSD. I want to offer a sense of connection and support to others who might be facing similar struggles.”

The book is coming out soon on Amazon.

About the Author:

Greg Tanner was born in Brockville, Ontario, and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In 1979, he enrolled in the Canadian Military Engineering branch and served 34 years. He lives in East Dover, Nova Scotia, with his wife of 42 years, Margret, and his service dog, Barrett. Greg is an avid boater and enjoys sailing his 30 Ft. Mirage, Windgypsy I.

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