Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Can Get the Cash That They Need With Funding Tactics That Work

Funding Tactics That Work

Reduce the Worry And Find Sustainability By Exploring Creative Funding Options

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, June 27, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Glenna Gonzalez, CEO of JB Tyler Marketing & Consulting, introduces a way to fund a business and pay oneself or employees without financial strain in her new eBook, “How to Solidify Your Business Dreams With Funding Tactics that Work.” Many Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners currently face challenges in obtaining business funding, often due to being self-employed or lacking credit. This leads to feelings of desperation and worry, with concerns that their businesses might fail or that they will need to find alternative employment if conditions do not improve. There are many funding options to resolve these problematic feelings. An Entrepreneur can fund their business and these tactics are ways that Small Business Owners can pay themselves and their employees. If they are looking for sustainability, these tactics would be effective.

Readers can expect to learn about the pivotal role that funding plays in the success of entrepreneurs and small businesses. This overview covers why funding is crucial, including its role in providing capital for starting and scaling businesses, mitigating risk, fostering innovation, driving economic growth, creating competitive advantages, accessing resources and expertise, and ensuring long-term sustainability.

These are some very important sections in the book:

1. Leveraging Government Grants: By leveraging government grants and SBA loans, entrepreneurs and small business owners can access valuable financial resources to start, grow, and sustain their businesses. However, to increase the likelihood of securing funding, it is essential to carefully review the eligibility criteria, understand the application process, and develop a compelling proposal or business plan. Additionally, working with experienced advisors or consultants can help navigate the complexities of grant applications and loan processes effectively.

2. Crowdfunding: Exploring crowdfunding platforms offers entrepreneurs and small businesses a dynamic and accessible way to raise capital, engage with supporters, and bring their ideas to life. By understanding the different types of crowdfunding, choosing the right platform, and executing well-planned campaigns, businesses can unlock the potential of crowdfunding to fuel their growth and success.

3. Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending: This is also known as crowdlending or marketplace lending, is a method of debt financing that enables individuals to borrow and lend money directly with one another through online platforms, bypassing traditional financial institutions such as banks.

4. Bootstrapping and Self-funding Strategies: Offers entrepreneurs several advantages, including autonomy, flexibility, and financial discipline. However, these approaches require resourcefulness, resilience, and careful financial management to succeed. Entrepreneurs should assess their financial situation, business goals, and risk tolerance before bootstrapping or self-funding their ventures. Additionally, combining bootstrapping with strategic external financing or alternative funding sources can help businesses accelerate growth while retaining control and autonomy.

This eBook is not positioned as a cure-all solution but rather as a comprehensive guide offering practical strategies to navigate the complexities of securing business funding. By implementing the insights and tactics shared by Glenna Gonzalez, entrepreneurs, and small business owners can empower themselves with the knowledge and tools necessary to pursue funding opportunities confidently and strategically. Focusing on practical advice and proven methods, this guide aims to support individuals in overcoming common funding challenges and achieving sustainable business growth.

About the Author:
Glenna was a Senior Talent Advisor for years, while working as a freelancer, supporting Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners in her city and state. These funding tactics allowed her to leave HR and move to full-time with her Marketing & PR Agency. She has been instrumental in sharing grants, loans, and other forms of funding with friends and clients, helping them to grow and transform. She is a member of the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce and the Public Relations Society of America- both the NC and NY Chapters. She publishes a magazine called “Entrepreneurs In the Spotlight,” where she features successful Entrepreneurs, helping them to get more exposure and visibility. Her readership is national and international for this publication.

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