Electricity One Launches Electricity Deposit Waiver Program for Vulnerable Populations

Electricity One Launches Electricity Deposit Waiver Program for Vulnerable Populations

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Deposit Waiver Program

Deposit Waiver Program

Help End Domestic Violence

Help End Domestic Violence

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Shop and Compare Electric Plans

Electricity One - The One You Want!

Electricity One – The One You Want!

Electricity One’s new program waives deposits, aiding seniors and domestic violence survivors in accessing essential electricity services.

Our deposit waiver program is designed to remove financial barriers and ensure everyone has access to essential electricity services.”

— Jon Langley – CEO

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 7, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Electricity One, a leading supplier of low electricity rates plans, proudly announces the launch of its Power to Choose Electricity Deposit Waiver Program. This initiative is designed to provide financial assistance to individuals facing challenges securing electricity services due to initial deposit charges. The program emphasizes support for seniors with fixed incomes and survivors of domestic violence, showcasing Electricity One’s commitment to the health and safety of its clients. The aim is to ensure they have the power to choose reliable and secure electricity options without the burden of financial strain.

Recognizing the vital role of electricity deposit waivers in providing financial relief, Electricity One is dedicated to removing barriers for vulnerable groups, particularly those aged 65 and above and domestic violence survivors. These waivers eliminate the immediate deposit charges, which often pose significant obstacles for those experiencing financial hardship or uncertainty when accessing electricity plans.

For seniors with limited resources, electricity deposit waivers alleviate the increasing energy costs that can strain their budgets. Many seniors struggle to afford basic necessities such as housing, food, and utilities. By facilitating easier access to dependable electricity plans, these waivers enhance their overall quality of life and empower them with the power to choose.

Moreover, Electricity One understands the unique challenges that domestic violence survivors face when establishing new residences. Initial deposit charges for electricity plans can exacerbate the difficulties for individuals escaping abusive situations, often leaving behind essential documents and belongings. By waiving deposit charges, Electricity One aims to simplify the utility account creation process for these survivors, ensuring their privacy, safety, and security.

Victims of Domestic Violence Should:

1. Get away from the abuser. They can call Texas 211 by dialing 211 or 911 for assistance in finding a shelter.

2. Choose their preferred plan on Electricity One’s platform and start the sign-up process.

3. Prepare to upload a scanned copy or photo of all documents provided by the certifying agency or law enforcement group to the electricity provider of their choice.

4. Contact their chosen Electric Provider’s customer service by phone, provide a sign-up or Customer ID Number, and complete the signup process.

By extending deposit waivers to domestic violence survivors, Electricity One provides crucial support to individuals recovering from traumatic experiences, ensuring their access to essential electricity plans. The company values the importance of electricity deposit waivers as a critical financial support mechanism for vulnerable groups. Electricity One remains committed to empowering individuals with the power to choose reliable and secure electricity services, regardless of their financial circumstances.

For more information about the Power to Choose Electricity Deposit Waiver Program and Electricity One’s unwavering dedication to its customers, please visit the company’s website at: https://electricityone.com/electricity-deposit-waiver-program/

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