Dusty Cars Announces Post on Classic Porsche Appraisal Service for German Vehicles

Dusty Cars, a professional classic car buyer and seller company, announces a new post on finding the best classic German car appraisal service.

Being in the so-called ‘car business’ is not the same as being in the ‘classic car business.”

— Douglas Berry

PLEASANTON, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 27, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dusty Cars, a top-rated classic car buyer in California at https://dustycars.com/, is proud to announce a new post about working with the best car appraisal service focused on German cars in general and the Porsche brand in particular. A buyer service ready to appraise, purchase, and restore luxury vintage sports cars could provide a top-notch experience, as the post explains.

“Being in the so-called ‘car business’ is not the same as being in the ‘classic car business.’ We deal with incredible classic sports cars such as vintage Porsches and Mercedes. These are not your everyday vehicles,” stated Douglas Berry, the visionary founder of Dusty Cars. “These classics have an exciting and valuable history. And that’s one reason why we love what we do. No classic Porsche is the same to us.”

Classic car owners and enthusiasts can review the new post explaining how a classic car appraisal service works at https://dustycars.com/news/classic-porsche-appraisal-getting-a-fair-price-and-finding-the-right-buyer/. The value of a classic luxury sports car such as a Porsche, Mercedes, or other German vehicle may appreciate. In comparison, the value of average cars usually depreciates. But which case is pertinent can be complicated due to the market and condition of even classic Porsche, Mercedes, or other German car.

The post then explains that finding an expert classic car appraiser for a more accurate assessment may be best. The public can review the company’s classic car appraisal service page at https://dustycars.com/appraisal/. As for example, the current listing of a 1974 Porsche 911 Coupe exemplifies the company’s dedication to the brand: https://dustycars.com/classic-cars-for-sale/1974-porsche-911-coupe-2/. The car has rare sport seats with new leather, new tires and low miles. Over ten years of proper storage has left the Porsche Coupe 911 in excellent condition.


Here is the background on this release. Driving a classic sportscar may be of great pride to the owner. The experience of owning and caring for a classic Porsche could be the highlight of one’s day. When it is time to let go of such a beloved car, it could be essential to locate an expert ready to take the time to give a fair valuation. On an emotional level, a company that loves the brand and loves the classics could also be a good choice. A Northern California classic car business that takes classic Porsche appraisal service personally could be the best option at both an emotional and factual level.


Dusty Cars is California’s top classic car buyer. The company buys classic cars offering top prices, free evaluations, and best-in-class cash offers. The company focuses on truly “classic” vehicles such as classic Porsches, classic Jaguars (especially the Jaguar E-series), and classic Mercedes. It buys classic Alfa Romeos, Fords, Chevys, and Toyotas, depending on year and condition. Persons who want to sell a classic car fast and fair are encouraged to visit the website and contact a vintage car specialist for a cash offer.

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