Dawn Bates, Founder of Dawn Bates International Reaches the Finals for the Social Impact Award in National Business Women’s Awards 2024

LONDON, June 27, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dawn Bates International is proud to announce that Dawn Bates, the founder of the company has been shortlisted in the Social Impact Category for the National Business Women’s Awards 2024, recognising the bold stand she takes by venturing across the globe to get to the truth of the matters she writes about.

Being recognised for this award proves she is a beacon of authority through literature and personal activism which ensures her company, Dawn Bates International (DBI), is committed to fostering positive change globally by harnessing the power of transformation through the written word.

Bates is an accomplished author with twenty books to her name, and many more in the pipeline as a solo author, and as a developmental author and author coach. Her journey from being bullied as a child to becoming an award-winning international bestselling author and activist fuelled her conviction that change can be ignited through literature.

“I am thrilled to have made it to the finals of the National Business Women’s Awards this year. It hasn’t been easy investigating some of the subjects I write and speak about, but if we want to create positive social change, then it is absolutely necessary.”

Working with clients on a 1:1 basis as their author coach and developmental editor, as well as providing a lifeline for aspiring authors with her revolutionary 7 Week Author Course, Bates is consistently creating content her growing Author Academy, which provides low cost, high value courses for those new to the publishing world, as well as those already published but not quite achieving the goals they desire.

“Being shortlisted for this award means a lot to me because I genuinely believe that writing books allows us to understand the bigger picture of what we are fighting for, crystalising our own beliefs, whilst allowing others to gain the understanding, and passion, on a specific subject. Not everyone can afford higher education, therapy or counselling, so reading books is a low-cost solution to learning and healing, and free if you belong to a library.”

What sets Bates apart from the other finalists in the Social Impact category is the firsthand experience of having immersed herself in over forty-four different countries and cultures, learning over five languages and various belief systems, giving her a global perspective on human rights and social justice. It also makes her company, DBI, the most culturally aware boutique publisher worldwide.

As a single mother, Bates intimately understands the balance between home life, business and the art of writing, including financial challenges and overcoming limiting beliefs. It is why she is giving away $6000USD in coaching for 14 individuals who choose to sign up for her 7 Week Author Course LIVE before the 4th July – a celebration and nod to all those who have helped her on her journey. This transformative program, designed by Dawn, an award-winning international bestselling author, offers a unique blend of author coaching, business strategies, and life coaching, empowering individuals to not only author impactful books but also build successful author businesses.

“DBI isn’t just a publisher; it’s a movement for social justice and human rights.” She adds, “My vision extends beyond literature, aiming to provide education and resources for a better world. We challenge conventional publishing norms by offering a comprehensive package that includes coaching, business strategies, brand expansion and a commitment to literature with a social conscience.”

DBI’s primary goal is ambitious yet purpose-driven: to support one million authors with her 7 Week Author Course. Bates emphasizes, “When you know what you stand for and choose to own your voice, then you become the person you were born to become.” The secondary goal is to establish Dawn Bates as the number one author coach globally, reinforcing her commitment to guiding authors toward impactful and socially conscious writing.

DBI invites aspiring authors worldwide to join the movement and embark on their transformative journey with the 7 Week Author Course. “This is not just about writing books; it’s about owning your voice, standing for something meaningful, and building a legacy that resonates globally.”

For more information about how DBI can help you, and to enrol in the 7 Week Author Course, visit Dawn Bates International – Author Academy.

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