CropSize Now Offers Advanced Photo Resizing and Metadata Management for iOS Users at Regional Prices

CropSize for iOS, with its comprehensive resizing, cropping and metadata features, is now available at reduced prices in most countries

WARSAW, POLAND, May 11, 2023/ — CropSize is an iOS app that allows users to quickly Resize, Crop and Prepare their photos for any social network, website, blog, email, presentation, document, sharing and more. The application offers to keep the original image format or to choose one of JPEG, PNG, TIFF, HEIC image formats with a proper compression quality. More than one photo can be selected directly inside the app or from device’s Photo Library / Files for editing and processing. Photo metadata of all selected photos can be quickly updated using multiple Metadata Profiles for each scenario. In addition to main features there are many advanced options and tools to achieve best quality and precision, such as one-pixel-correction(*), programs(**) and more.

CropSize is now available on the App Stores in most countries at reduced regional prices to offer its features to even more customers.


* Crop in 2-modes with 360-degree rotation

* Resize in 4-modes: Stretch, Insert, Clip and Canvas Size

* Filter and Adjust colours

* Add / Erase photo metadata, including IPTC manager

* Flip and Rotate using gestures

* Save and Share in JPEG, PNG, TIFF, HEIC, Auto formats

* Batch Processing and Programs(**)

A complete list of over 75 features is available in the app’s description on the App Store.

“Since most mobile apps are expected to be more limited and less powerful equivalents to PC and Mac software, I have developed CropSize to counter this statement,” explained Aliaksei Khutarshchykau, developer of CropSize. “The app is designed around three basic principles. First, to offer the user as much power, control and information as possible. Then, to make the editing process simple and intuitive. Finally, to provide users with a range of automation tools that can significantly speed up their tasks.”

As an implementation of these principles, CropSize offers many features including the following:

* Real time information about image size, editing frame and position, file size, file format, full photo metadata, file size estimation and more

* Preview and actual size preview at almost every stage of editing

* Option to select main units of measurement (pixels, inches, centimetres)

* 4-mode resizing to any size up to 9000 x 9000 px

* 360-degree free cropping rotation

* One-pixel-correction(**) for editing frame and position

* Keyboard input for almost every photo editing parameter (size, editing frame and position, rotation angle, dpi, IPTC metadata, etc.)

* Batch processing, batch size settings, programs(*), editable crop and size presets

* Photo metadata manager, IPTC metadata creator

(*)One-pixel-correction is a CropSize unique tool that allows user to move or resize any photo in any direction by one pixel per click.

(**)Program is a CropSize unique tool that allows user to save any editing session and then reuse it many times to apply all saved edits to a new photo or batch of photos.

Device Requirements:

* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

* Requires iOS 12.0 or later

* Universal Application

* 22 MB

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CropSize for iOS 4.6 Preview

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