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Matt Jordan

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Low Lights Album is Available Now on All Streaming Platforms

It’s familiar and fresh at the same time and I’m really proud of what we came up with.”

— Matt Jordan, Artist & Songwriter

NASHVILLE, TN, USA, February 23, 2024 / — Country / Heartland Rock artist and songwriter, Matt Jordan, releases his much anticipated album – Low Lights, available on all streaming platforms. The album, produced by Grammy-Award nominated producer, Sal Oliveri (P!nk, Chris Stapleton), features 11 songs, seven of which were singles released over the last year. Jordan wrote or co-wrote all of the songs on the album, once again highlighting his craft as a true storyteller.

The album features a captivating blend of 80’s Rock infused with contemporary Country vibes, showcasing Jordan’s signature gritty vocals and soulful sound reminiscent of Springsteen and Mellencamp meets Eric Church.

“This album is more sonically driven than my first album,” said Matt Jordan. “Without sacrificing the lyrical quality, we found ourselves writing the songs more around the music and the overall feel. A lot of that came from more time on the road, and playing shows between the two albums. That experience allowed us to see what types of songs worked best with a live audience, so we really tailored our writing for that purpose – songs that would translate well in a live setting. It’s familiar and fresh at the same time and I’m really proud of what we came up with.”

The release of Low Lights continues to build on the momentum of Jordan’s popular singles like “Run Tonight”, “Don’t Mean,” “Steal Away the Night,” “Steering Wheel,” “Always A Girl” and “Anyone But Me,” that are all on the album. One of the standout tracks is his current single “Greatest Story,” a duet featuring Kayley Bishop (The Voice Season 15). These singles garnered support from various playlists, including Spotify’s Country Rocks, New Music Nashville, Next From Nashville, New Music Friday: Country, and Fresh Finds: Country, among others.

Jordan released his previous album, The Gamble, in three versions – the album, a Deluxe Edition and LIVE Edition in 2022-23. Since that time, he’s been honing his craft and building on the anticipation for this studio release. Jordan continues to carve out his own unique lane in the country music scene, drawing favorable comparisons from country icons while showcasing his own style and songwriting abilities.

Low Lights promises to captivate audiences once more, delivering an authentic and heartfelt musical experience that resonates with Jordan’s fans.

Album Tracklist & Songwriters:

1. Anyone But Me – Matt Jordan, Jarret Hartness

2. Don’t Mean – Matt Jordan

3. Always a Girl – Matt Jordan

4. Greatest Story feat. Kayley Bishop – Matt Jordan, Jarrett Hartness

5. Outcast, Misfits & Me – Matt Jordan, Jarrett Hartness

6. Run Tonight – Matt Jordan, Jarrett Hartness

7. Losing Team – Matt Jordan, Jarrett Hartness, Charlie Berry, Hunter Thomas Mounce

8. Steering Wheel – Matt Jordan, Jarrett Hartness

9. Last Cigarette – Matt Jordan, Jarrett Hartness

10. Steal Away The Night – Matt Jordan

11. Low Lights – Matt Jordan, Jarrett Hartness

Matt Jordan notes that two songs on the album, which were not released as singles, are worth highlighting.

“The song “Outcasts, Misfits & Me” was almost the title of this record because, if there’s a common thread through the stories in these songs, it revolves around trying to find your place in the world, feeling like sometimes you’re on the outside looking in. That ‘outsider’ feeling I have is something I’ve battled on and off for a lot of my life, depending on what season of life I’m in. It can feel really isolating, so I wanted to write an anthem for anyone who’s feeling that way to know they’re not alone,” said Jordan.

Jordan says the title track of the album, “Low Lights,” as a follow up to “Outcasts, Misfits & Me.” Describing it as less angsty, Jordan says it’s more celebratory of finding the place where you belong.

“This song is my invitation to come join our club,” continues Jordan. “We’re not exclusive. If you’re good people and need somewhere to hang out, we’ve got a spot for you. It was the last song we wrote for the album and we felt like it was kind of the book end the album needed to say, ‘come join the party.’”

Low Lights is available now on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and anywhere you can stream music. For more information, visit

More About Matt Jordan

With his unique Heartland Rock meets Country sound, Matt Jordan is carving out his own path in today’s music scene. Originally from St. Louis, MO, this singer / songwriter splits time between his hometown and Nashville, TN. His unique Heartland Rock meets Country sound certainly has the music media buzzing. You can expect big things to come from Matt Jordan as his unique sound has been covered by Taste of Country, American Songwriter, Rolling Stone, Sounds Like Nashville and Got Country to name a few, with his various music videos debuting on CMT.

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