Tale of divine intervention, “A Paladin’s Journey,” transports readers to a world where bravery collides with arrogance

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, June 7, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Get ready to be swept away to a world where bravery and pride coexist in Bryan Cole’s engrossing fantasy novel “A Paladin’s Journey.” “Futility of Defense,” the much anticipated sequel, continues the compelling story that began with “Beginning of Arrogance,” offering readers an amazing experience that is full of suspense, moral quandaries, and mystical intrigue.

In “Beginning of Arrogance,” Cole presents us to Krell, a paladin whose fate upsets the precarious power dynamics manipulated by the mysterious god ReckNor. In the middle of heavenly intervention and Krell’s struggles with his divine calling, an impending oceanic menace threatens to drown his world in spilled blood. Cole skillfully understands themes of power, sacrifice, and the results of one’s deeds in his story, making readers understand the ideas of what it is to be a hero.

In “Futility of Defense,” Krell must manage the consequences of his decisions while protecting Watford from the approaching threat of sea devils, putting his journey in danger. Krell has to face the suspicion and fear of people who doubt his role as a paladin intervening in mortal matters as physical threats clash with political intrigue. Cole combines suspenseful and fantastical aspects to create a story that will captivate readers with its rich adventure, and shows that not all consequences need be dire.

About the author:

Bryan Cole is a brilliant author whose love of history and imagination comes through in every word of these tales. With a background in business software, Cole offers a distinct viewpoint to the genre, talking about the complexities of divine intervention and the aftermath of mortal deeds. His work, “A Paladin’s Journey,” challenges readers to consider the meaning of divinity and the burden of accountability in a universe molded by both earthly and divine beings. Cole is a lifelong enthusiast of science fiction, fantasy, and history who lives in Toronto with his family and an adorable cat. His debut series, “A Paladin’s Journey,” promises to leave a lasting impact on the world of fantasy literature.

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