Songs & Poems from a Yielded Heart

Division Within the Family, but God Can Fix That

The Last Great Awakening: A Wakeup Call to America’s Christians

In Our Own Words: Power in Prayer

Guillo-Tina: Mistress of Death

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TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 7, 2023 / — What could be a better way of encapsulating one’s emotions and experiences than by transmuting them into elegant verses and harmonious melodies? Esteemed author Judith Vander Wege offers readers her poetic masterpiece, “Songs & Poems from a Yielded Heart.” When faced with emotionally demanding circumstances, Wege, a soul with an innate appreciation for artistic expression, unearthed a profound wellspring of comfort. Evident in her work, she sought refuge and catharsis through the art of composing poems and songs, often infusing them with heartfelt prayers to navigate the ebb and flow of life’s challenges. Remarkably, an unexpected twist of fate brought her creations into the embrace of Christian periodicals. Realizing that her passionate compositions possessed the power to resonate with a broader audience, the journey to share her heartfelt creations with the world took flight.

Trail the emerging fractions that emerge between families with John Codrington’s latest release, “Division Within the Family, but God Can Fix That.” This book serves as a resounding call to acknowledge the far-reaching consequences of worldly concerns that have led to an overwhelming sense of brokenness within many family units. The erosion of spiritual understanding and faith in God’s divine plan has culminated in the regrettable outcome of familial disintegration and a drifting away from the sacred teachings of the Holy Word. Despite these daunting challenges, Codrington presents a message of optimism and redemption. His work offers a reminder that even in the face of familial division, spiritual healing remains within reach through the benevolence and mercy of a loving God.

Ready for a trip back in time? Follow Rustan Hicks as he takes readers on a compelling journey to the depths of the nation’s history, highlighting pivotal moments that have shaped its identity. “The Last Great Awakening: A Wakeup Call to America’s Christians” weaves a narrative that traces the roots of American greatness back to the First and Second Great Awakenings. These historic movements ushered in significant changes in the nation’s trajectory. At its core, the book is a call to action and an impassioned plea for the restoration of the Church’s spiritual influence in American culture. Rustan contends that by rekindling the spiritual fervor of the past, America can tap into the infinite power of the Holy Spirit and profoundly impact every facet of modern society, ultimately reclaiming its former greatness.

Inspiration and motivation can manifest through a multitude of channels. In her recent release, “In Our Own Words: Power in Prayer,” esteemed author Pearl Brooks Perez highlights how the camaraderie of friends often becomes a predominant wellspring of enthusiasm. Finding her own creative spark through the encouragement of a close friend, she penned her literary masterpiece, which stands as a shining example of the critical role that prayer occupies in navigating the intricate path of modern life. Within the pages of this motivational opus, a fresh perspective on the potency of prayer is masterfully unveiled. Its heartfelt testimonials and personal insights offer comfort and inspiration to those grappling with life’s adversities.

In a world where the future remains uncertain, enter the enigmatic realm of Clearwater in “Guillo-Tina: The Mistress of Death” by author Frank B de Filippo. This riveting piece presents an alternate world where the choices of protagonist Cristina Hawkins set a captivating sequence of events into motion. De Filippo artfully paints the city’s mystique as a central element of the narrative. On Cristina Hawkins’s thirtieth birthday, while working at the Good Kitty Strip Club in the vibrant yet chaotic port city of Clearwater, a disturbing incident triggers a change within her.

As Clearwater grapples with a serial killer terrorizing its streets, the city’s past trauma of a devastating flood leaves its residents in a state of apprehension, overshadowing the urgent need to address the growing menace. As the grip of the city’s affluent elite weakens, the novel seamlessly weaves together bygone malevolent figures with modern-day vigilantes, biker gangs, poets, musicians, and corrupt politicians. The city teeters on the brink of turmoil, with only the boldest souls daring to confront the impending darkness.

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