“Connecting to God, A Journey Over 50 Years” by Rt. Rev. Dr. Taras Chubenko is Set to Release on 05 June 2023

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Rt. Rev. Dr. Taras Chubenko, a retired Orthodox priest with over 50 years of experience in spirituality and religion, is set to release his latest book on 05 June 2023, “Connecting to God, A Journey Over 50 Years.” The book serves as a guide to help readers find and connect with their spirituality throughout their lives.

In 20 chapters, the book delves into topics such as introspection, love, ego, consciousness, faith, and practical paths to achieve spiritual growth. The author also advises navigating dysfunctional religious systems and the frequent hurdles and challenges people to confront on their spiritual journeys, such as fear and forgiveness.

Through contemplation of his experiences and insights and applying the techniques and recommendations presented in each chapter, readers can utilize this book as a roadmap to advance their spiritual development. The author stresses that there is no one-size-fits-all method of self-discovery and progress and urges readers to go on their spiritual path.

Dr. Chubenko also gives concrete advice on cultivating practices like meditation, prayer, gratitude, compassion, and service that help one develop spiritually. He draws from his experience as a forty-year parish priest, a chaplain for police and fire departments, a professor at the seminary, and a member of various boards and committees. His book stresses that spiritual development is an individual process and encourages readers to find their path to self-discovery.

“I’ve been on a spiritual quest all my life, and I know the struggles people experience in finding their way in the world of religion and spirituality. My prayer is that ‘Connecting To God, A Journey over 50 Years’ may be a helpful guide for anyone interested in expanding their spiritual horizons and developing themselves further,” says the author.

About the Author:

Rt. Rev. Dr. Taras Chubenko is a graduate of Penn State University, St. Sophia Seminary, and St. Petersburg Theological Seminary and a retired Orthodox priest with over 40 years of experience as a pastor, diocesan administrator, and seminary professor.

He is also a lecturer on spirituality, mysticism, religion, and masonry, with over 50 years of experience. Chubenko is a licensed private pilot and certified hypnotist, and before becoming a priest, he worked in various fields, including printing, financial consulting, and retail. At Age 74 went back to school (St. Petersburg College) to become a Licensed Funeral Director in Florida. He resides in Florida and is the primary caregiver to his wife with Alzheimer’s.

The book will be available on 05 June 2023 via Amazon and the author’s website.

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