Bonfire Cinema, An Independent Multi-Platform Publisher & Studio Debuts High-Concept Content in Entertainment

Upcoming books and releases from Bonfire Cinema

Making Good Men Great: Surfing the New Wave of Masculinity by Gunter Swoboda & Lorin Josephson

Lifelines – A Neo-Noir Psychological Drama written/directed by Miranda Spigener-Sapon

Bonfire Cinema is an independent studio with the mission to bring inspiring, entertaining and enlightening content to the masses across several mediums.

After years working for major publishing houses and as a writer/director, I brought together like-minded creatives to make beautiful content by writers for writers and those who enjoy storytelling.”

— Miranda Spigener-Sapon, Writer/Director

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 16, 2023 / — The company was formed as an artist collective sister company to Noirtainment Productions by writer/director Miranda Spigener-Sapon and producer/writer DeVonna Prinzi as a way to bring highly commercial, inspiring and entertaining projects across several mediums that follow the motto of finding the light through the darkness. The company consists of 5 tiers: Film, Television, Animation, Publishing and Theatre. Bonfire has formed strategic alliances and partnerships with major distribution channels and networks in these areas to release quality content on a wide scale.

“I have spent years working for major publishing houses and as a writer/director in the industry and have built a solid network of like-minded creative artists like me to build a company that makes beautiful content by writers for writers and for those who enjoy and appreciate quality storytelling in the areas of the arts and literature,” states Bonfire Cinema and Noirtainment co-founder, Miranda Spigener-Sapon.

This month, Bonfire just announced 6 titles they will be releasing under the publishing tier: The Making of Tremor…An Animated Short co-authored by Spigener-Sapon and Prinzi releasing in stores everywhere this October 20th, The Penguin and the Pixies – A Christmas Story by Kristin Ruggaber and Michael Ruggaber coming this Christmas 2023, The Amulets of Power: Book I – A Brian Poole Mysteries Trilogy by Gunter Swoboda and Lorin Josephson coming summer 2024, The Legend of the Lamp: Book I – A Time Travel Romance Trilogy by Kristin Ruggaber coming fall 2024, Charles: Book I – A Marisa Romanov Story by Miranda Spigener-Sapon coming Winter 2024, Haisley – A Picture Book Children’s Story by Miranda Spigener-Sapon coming soon to a date to be determined and under the non-fiction imprint Bonfire Realities, comes the special edition of Making Good Men Great: Surfing the New Wave of Masculinity by Gunter Swoboda and Lorin Josephson, also at a date to be determined.

Co-Founder/EVP of Creative Affairs at Bonfire Cinema and Noirtainment, DeVonna Prinzi adds, “Each artist loves and believes in what they do…our themes of love, loss, friendship, coming of age and triumph of human connection falls in line with our mission to bring inspiring and entertaining projects that show the world that together, we make positive change happen!”

The film tier will be distributing limited theatrically and streaming on October 31st, their first feature film, a neo-noir psychological drama that dives into the subject of mental illness and family titled Lifelines written/directed by Miranda Spigener-Sapon and starring Lew Temple, Ross Gosla, Fern Lim and Jeremy Denzlinger. The Bonfire animation tier has some exciting projects coming out: The highly anticipated crowdfunded animated short Tremor written/directed by Grayson Arndt that is in the final stages of post-production and season one of a sci-fi/family series, Haisley that is currently in production. Later, the company plans to produce projects for stage and off-Broadway.

Bonfire Cinema was created as a multi-platform publisher and artist collective with the mission to create and bring inspiring, entertaining and enlightening content across the mediums of Cinema, Theatre, Animation and Publishing to the public. The founders are also published and produced writers do not seek to “reinvent the wheel” or “revolutionize the industry, but with the spirit to work collectively and united with major studios, distribution and in full support and compliance with labor unions. The team is made up of seasoned professionals, up and comers and new artists looking to work and create sustainably in the entertainment industry. Bonfire is managed by Noirtainment Productions and both companies share the motto of: “Finding the Light Through the Darkness” in the thematic elements of their projects.

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