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Joanna Van Vleck’s Organic Erotic: The Try-Before-You-Buy Home Goods Service Creating A Felt Sense Revolution For The Interiors Industry

The goal behind every OE room is to create a felt-sense revolution, to exhale a sigh of relief upon entering each room – a sanctuary with exactly the right pieces; real, tactile, and grounded.”

— Joanna Van Vleck

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, November 16, 2023 / — Organic Erotic (OE), founded by Joanna Van Vleck, is an experience more felt than described. This summer, the home goods shopping experience debuted a new approach to curated decor to their immediately loyal customer audience. The try-before-you-buy curated box service is the first to lead the design process with internal wellbeing. Each box is personally selected by OE Guides after thoughtful conversation and the guided Emptying Process, ensuring only the most intentional objects arrive. Organic Erotic seeks to disrupt the design industry by leading with our interior selves in order to create our ideal visual and tactile surroundings.

“What if every item in the home felt good?”, asks OE Founder Joanna Van Vleck.

“The goal behind every OE room is to create a felt sense revolution in the home, to exhale a sigh of relief upon entering each space- a sanctuary with exactly the right amount of pieces, in materials that are real, tactile and grounded.,” Van Vleck said.

The OE process is elevated beyond mere shopping by the purpose behind it, an active reset from mass produced, Instagram-pretty places that are visually pleasing but often soulless. It is OE’s belief that as a design culture, people have become accustomed to spaces that may be filled with styled items, but those often do not speak to our inner selves in order to promote comfort, peace and alignment. “Think of yoga,” Van Vleck said, “Of course, it could be solely about gaining a better body, but how much more can be gained with a deeper connection to the practice- the benefits of less stress, more centeredness and peace of mind?”

It is built on the ideal that true alignment comes from the benefit to a person’s inner and outer selves. That is the very service that sets OE apart from other curated home decor experiences.

An OE home is the result of the time and attention, paid to each environment, that can only come from an individualized conversation and trusted relationship. Many customers begin with a box of accessories or smaller objects, only to request full-scale decor items such as sofas or dining tables. Some will do their entire house, one room at a time, as each new box breathes new life into their homes, or work with their Guide on object placement, spatial arrangement or even paint colors.

OE is not a subscription service. There is no subscription fee or return cost. OE will never send a pre-scheduled box, or one without a conversation around needs and desires. OE believes in “feel before you buy,” and the Guides are trained to select items specifically tailored for each home and space to maximize the connection to each product.

The OE Process

Emptying. In order to prepare a space for the carefully considered, custom gathering of OE items, there is the process of emptying that which no longer serves. Take another look at a bed arranged with a dozen pillows (the ones exhausting to take on and off every day.) Does it bring a sense of harmony? Or perhaps it is simply about clearing the clutter, clearing out the catch-all places and under loved surfaces. Retrain the eye to find and remove the superfluous and agitating. Before acquiring new things that bring organization and joy, we must let go of what no longer feels good.

Conversation. The Guides are one of the most important parts of the process, replacing the traditional retail shopping experience with real, live people that reach out and connect about a specific space- where to begin and how it should feel. Relaxed, upbeat, bright, sensuous, peaceful? Customers love that they are not working with an interior designer with preconceived notions about how a space “should” look. OE Guides are, above all, good listeners, patient and intuitive.

Curation. The number one criteria for OE products is, “how does it feel?” In other words, how does it feel to touch, to view, to use? How does it interact with all five senses, how will it make its owner feel? OE products are sourced all over the world from little known or far-flung artisans beyond the ordinary, crafted from naturally derived materials; soft-touch textiles, wood and earth, the elemental. Everything chosen comes with the added quality control of intuition and the physical senses, leaving only that which feels good in tangible and intangible ways. All OE pieces have places of origin, stories or a purpose that draw people in. They are intended to live next to the most loved objects that, together, create a deep satisfaction, and they come from all over the world. OE has found ceramic artisans in Spain, clay pots from Italy, organic linens from Australia, aged, vintage picking baskets from India, papier-mâché vessels from Morocco and more.

Feel. Once the box has arrived, OE encourages each person to experience and sit with its contents. Each item comes with a note regarding its function and intention, an invitation to mindfully process each item. Place the objects throughout and feel how they interact with previous belongings. Take the time to consider how each object found its way “home.” Explore the instinct-driven desire to place two things next to each other and enjoy the resulting connection. Only those things that create a fundamental sense of wellbeing will be the items to keep.

Circulation. What no longer serves one home can serve elsewhere. The circulation stage takes discarded items and redistributes them as donations to those in need. OE highly values its community partnerships, such as the non profit Free Food, which provides fresh farm-to-table sit down meals to low income participants. Clothes, shoes, home-goods, furniture and kitchen items are recirculated at Free Food events, with a 100% reclamation record for all items.

The Meaning of Organic Erotic

The poet Audre Lorde taught us that “The very word erotic comes from the Greek word eros, the personification of love in all its aspects.. The erotic is not a question of what we do, it is a question of how acutely and fully we can feel in the doing. Once we know the extent to which we are capable of feeling that sense of satisfaction and completion, we can then observe which of our various life endeavors brings us closest to that fullness. The aim of each thing which we do is to make our lives richer and more possible.”

This is the foundation of Organic Erotic, of creative energy empowered by the act of living and feeling deeply, and the belief that this spiritual plane of existence begins at home- a place of fulfillment, replenishment and release where even the use of everyday objects becomes sublime. The complete aim is to fill a person’s environment only with that which feels good to be near, and as a result, each person begins to feel good.

The Founder

Joanna Van Vleck’s first success was in 2009 as the founder of Trunk Club, the first try-before-you-buy shopping service, specializing in men’s clothing. Each customer worked with a style specialist for a personalized experience, and received a curated box of mid to high-quality ready to wear pieces. In 2014, the profitable company was sold to Nordstrom. After many years on the west coast working in the meditation and wellness space, Joanna felt an internal shift, from the exterior to the interior of self. While studying and practicing the Eros Sutras, she explored the principles for living an Eros-based life, which teach how to begin to look at life from the felt sense and one’s inner monastery. Organic Erotic is the perfect marriage of these two transformative life phases, merging the business acumen and industry knowledge of a successful entrepreneur, with the mindfulness of a greater power.

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