The Busy Woman Health Coach Launches PTR Reset Platinum Coaching Program

The blueprint to a healthier, more vibrant life.

Empowering Busy Women Over 30 to Achieve Optimal Health, Vitality, and Longevity

It’s time for women to step into their true potential. When women thrive, families, communities, and nations thrive.”

— Ann Hester, M.D.

CLARKSVILLE, MD, USA, June 6, 2024 / — The Busy Woman Health Coach, founded by Ann Hester, M.D., a board-certified physician, acclaimed author of “Patient Empowerment 101: More than a book, it’s an adventure,” syndicated columnist, podcast host, and course creator, is excited to announce the launch of the groundbreaking PTR Reset Coaching Program. This innovative program is designed to empower women over 30 to optimize their health, prevent common diseases, and create a new blueprint for longevity and vitality.

Dr. Hester, who has dedicated her career to patient empowerment and health education, recognizes the unique health challenges that women face. “Women often juggle multiple roles—caring for children and parents, managing careers, and maintaining households—which can lead to them prioritizing others’ needs over their own,” she explains. “This can compromise their health, and my goal is to change that.”

The PTR Reset Coaching Program is a comprehensive health coaching initiative that focuses on preventing, optimizing treatment for, and potentially reversing common lifestyle-related diseases. An amazing 80-90 % of heart attacks and strokes can be prevented, but women need the tools and resources to decrease their risk. Women, in particular, are less likely to set high personal health standards due to their demanding responsibilities and gender-specific healthcare disparities. The Busy Woman Health Coach program aims to address these issues head-on.

Key Features of the PTR Reset Coaching Program:
1. Empowerment Modules: Teaching women how to be “respectfully assertive” and communicate effectively with healthcare providers, ensuring they receive the high-level care they deserve.
2. Weekly Coaching Sessions: Expert guidance and support to help clients achieve their health goals.
3. Empowerment Vault: An extensive online and mobile-accessible library of additional coaching videos, downloadable information, regular updates on vital health issues, and training modules.
4. “One-Minute Elevator Speech” Training: Tools to help women expedite their diagnoses, reduce the need for costly and potentially dangerous tests and procedures, and save money.

“Most visits to primary care doctors are due to lifestyle-related diseases, and much can be done to reverse this trend,” says Dr. Hester. “Moreover, gender inequality in healthcare often means that women are diagnosed later than men and may not receive the same level of treatment. Our program not only addresses these disparities but empowers women to take control of their health and well-being.”

With the PTR Reset Coaching Program, Busy Woman Health Coach is setting a new standard for women’s health coaching. The mission is to inspire women to prioritize their health, embrace preventive measures, and become advocates for their own well-being.
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