Shine in New York: DAZZLE ME Embraces International Beauty Trends with Its Brand-New Product Collection

LAS VEGAS , US, September 13, 2023/ — Poised to make waves in an expansive international beauty market, DAZZLE ME, a trendy beauty brand unveils its latest offerings during the New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024, bringing a fresh and dazzling style to the iconic fashion hub of the United States.

Hand in Hand with the New Generation Market

The new generation nowadays places greater emphasis on a brand’s values, philosophy, and its resonation with their sense of identity, rather than merely focusing on aspects such as product price and quality. Rooted in this evolving trend, DAZZLE ME was born with a bold and free spirit, perpetually striving to develop imaginative, beginner-friendly, safe, and healthy cosmetic products.

By offering funky and handy experiences, DAZZLE ME empowers young beauty enthusiasts to discover their diverse facets and push the boundaries when embarking on their beauty journey. With its vast expanse for unleashing creativity and harnessing potential, New York stands as a city where the new generation congregates and aspires to thrive, which is also the reason why DAZZLE ME values this city as its debut stage.

Exploration of New York Fashion Trend

The introductions from DAZZLE ME revealed in New York, consist of four new shades of Ink-Licious Lip Tint, which is the star product favored by the younger generation.

Based on the concept of long-lasting and moisture, the new shades introduce reddish-brown tones that not only assist consumers in achieving enduring and alluring makeup looks with pop-out colors while keeping up with trends and savoring the excitement during this fashion feast, but the design also embodies the spirit of discovering New York fashion trends.

The design of the new products continues with its signature purple lid. Diverging from the typical mild or deep colors commonly applied in cosmetic products, DAZZLE ME opts for shades of vibrant and luminous colors such as pink, purple, and green as its brand visual identity. These captivating shades are also incorporated into the brand’s product packaging, aligning with the ethos of the fashion week trend and highlighting the pursuit of an unrestricted attitude, free lives, and limitless imagination.

Following its debut in the United States, the new collection of DAZZLE ME Ink-Licious Lip Tint shades has been launched in Indonesia and will be rolled out for sale on both online and offline platforms in Thailand, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Step Onto the Global Beauty Stage.

Originally recognized by consumers in Asia Pacific, DAZZLE ME is now unfurling its canvas across the international market. Responding to the global trend-setting and inspirational impact of New York Fashion Week, DAZZLE ME elevates the synergy of fashion and beauty by infusing creations with modern aesthetics and unique natural formulations.

After announcing the establishment of the joint laboratory in Los Angeles and New York, DAZZLE ME ‘s presence in New York Fashion Week further solidifies the commitment to a globalized strategy. Leveraging its robust inclusivity, the brand is conveying personalized and fashionable attributes in an era of global beauty, while embracing innovation and curating products with an up-to-date perspective. Within this global approach, DAZZLE ME consistently articulates its brand manifesto—Bold, Boundless, Beautiful—while striving to benefit a broader spectrum of international consumers from diverse backgrounds.

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