Organic Ceutical LLC Introduces Next-Generation Hair Care Products Fusing Science and Nature

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 14, 2023/ — Organic Ceutical LLC, an emerging leader in the cosmeceutical industry, is excited to announce the launch of an innovative line of hair care products in the United States. These products combine elements of nature and science and aim to bring innovations to hair care routines.

Traditional hair care solutions have struggled to meet the diverse needs of modern consumers. Organic Ceutical’s fresh take brings a scientific approach backed by nature’s best-kept secrets. The goal of the company is to set new benchmarks in trichology – the scientific study of the hair and scalp.

Founded by the celebrated hairstylist Danny Jelaca and global entrepreneur René Linden, Organic Ceutical LLC is ready to launch in the United States. Danny, hailing from Miami Beach, and René, who has co-founded wellness companies across Europe and Asia, share a vision of transforming the beauty and health sectors. Their combined experience has led to an exciting line of products developed by trichology expert Riccardo Brisinello.

Danny Jelaca, Co-founder of Organic Ceutical LLC, expresses his excitement: “This launch represents a major milestone for Organic Ceutical and highlights our commitment to offering innovative solutions. We can’t wait for people to experience the benefits of these scientifically-formulated, high-quality products.”

Organic Ceutical LLC is bringing cosmeceuticals—a blend of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals—to mainstream hair care. Each product contains carefully chosen and regulated ingredients to deliver high-quality outcomes. The entire line is produced in Italy.

The hair care market is large, and Organic Ceutical seeks to differentiate itself through a focus on innovation and scientific validation. The global hair care market is expected to grow to around $104.7 billion by 2028*. The unique cosmeceutical approach of Organic Ceutical is poised to disrupt the market.

Organic Ceutical’s products aim to improve both appearance and well-being. By investing in the integrity of their ingredients and maintaining ethical sourcing practices, Organic Ceutical ensures that every product adds value to the customer’s lifestyle.

About Organic Ceutical LLC

Organic Ceutical LLC is a cosmeceutical company focused on delivering beauty and health solutions. Led by experts in both the wellness and trichological fields, the company is committed to setting new industry standards and shaping the future of beauty and health care. Organic Ceutical continues to push the boundaries, creating products that offer a unique blend of scientific innovation and natural purity.


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