New hair treatment for bald man – no surgery required

Sabine Dillen – Expert Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Full 'hair' restoration without surgery on bald man using scalp micro pigmentation

Full ‘hair’ restoration without surgery on bald man using scalp micro pigmentation

Latest Scalp Micro Hair Pigmentation needles are human hair size

Latest Scalp Micro Hair Pigmentation needles are human hair size

Hair transplant surgeons are increasingly working with hair pigmentation specialists in the case of advanced hair loss or failed hair transplantation.

Sometimes being bald just does not feel right. It’s all about being happy in our lives. That’s my mission for over 20 years”

— Sabine Dillen

HEIST OP DEN BERG, ANTWERP, BELGIUM, February 9, 2024 / — Micro Hair Pigmentation: The New Breakthrough for Those with Advanced Baldness and Fear of Surgical Solutions

Micro hair pigmentation (MHP) has revolutionized the world of hair loss treatments and is becoming increasingly popular among individuals with advanced baldness and those who shy away from surgical procedures.

Traditional methods such as hair transplants can be intimidating due to the complexity of the procedure, long recovery time, high costs, and risk of complications. For people with advanced baldness or who prefer not to follow a surgical route, micro hair pigmentation offers a non-invasive and effective solution.

What makes Micro Hair Pigmentation so attractive to these target groups? First of all, it provides an immediately visible result without the need for a lengthy recovery period. By carefully implanting pigments into the scalp, hair stubble is simulated, creating a natural-looking head of hair.

In addition, MHP is a versatile treatment that can be tailored to the patient’s individual needs and aesthetic preferences. Whether it concerns creating a hairline, filling in thinning hair or camouflaging scars, MHP offers tailor-made solutions that meet patient expectations.

Another aspect that contributes to the popularity of Micro Hair Pigmentation is the minimal risks and side effects compared to surgical procedures. Because there are no incisions or transplants, there is less chance of complications and the recovery time is considerably shorter.

“When overcoming hair loss, confidence is essential,” says Sabine Dillen, a seasoned expert in the field of MHP. “Micro hair pigmentation offers a safe, effective and non-surgical solution that restores self-confidence and allows people to feel comfortable with their appearance again. And what’s more, it is affordable and available locally in Belgium”

“Many people who are not eligible for a hair transplant are often desperate. Wigs are no longer really fashionable these days. For them, it is often only about acceptance or Micro Hair Pigmentation,” says Bart Verbeeck.

With its growing popularity and proven consistent results, Micro Hair Pigmentation remains a promising choice for individuals with advanced baldness and those looking for an alternative to surgical hair loss treatments.

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