Dubi Dabi Announces Launch of Mobile Beauty Pageant, Elevating Industry Standards

Dubi Dabi Booth at Address Downtown Hotel, Dubai

The inaugural mobile competition aims to redefine the Beauty Pageant experience, focusing on inclusivity and innovation.

DUBAI, UAE, March 10, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Can technology be used to improve the beauty pageant experience for both participants and the audience? A new project is targeted at achieving this goal. In that spirit, Dubi Dabi recently introduced its mobile application, which was developed to usher in a new era for the beauty pageant industry. The platform is strategically designed to dismantle traditional barriers, providing a user-friendly competition experience for aspiring contestants worldwide. With a professional commitment to fostering inclusivity, Dubi Dabi aims to remove the obstacles that have marred the old-school pageant experience, offering equal opportunities to individuals from all walks of life.

“We have seen an opportunity to leverage digital advancements to reshape the beauty pageant landscape for the better,” commented a spokesperson from the platform. “We have been encouraged by all of our positive feedback about this new approach.”

According to Dubi Dabi, the application’s intuitive design ensures participants can effortlessly navigate through submission stages from the comfort of their homes. The primary objective is to democratize the beauty pageant experience, providing equal opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Dubi Dabi encourages global participation by introducing a unique feature – a vote button- enabling a global audience to participate actively in the selection process. This interactive element engages the community, ensuring the winner reflects a collective admiration that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries. The platform aims to foster a global community that appreciates and celebrates beauty in its diverse forms.

The platform also sets a new standard by offering a generous prize package for its model contestants that includes global travel. The winner will embark on a trip to Dubai, known for its status in the modelling and fashion world and high-end lifestyle. The experience continues with an exclusive yacht trip on the serene Persian Gulf surrounded by glamour and exclusivity.

The cash prize will be paid in the cryptocurrency Dubi Coin, showcasing Dubi Dabi’s alignment with the tech sector. Media features will amplify the winner’s voice and story, providing a professional platform to enhance their presence in the fashion industry and world of influencers.

Dubi Dabi was founded by CEO Hatem Al Aqili, who has a background in business operations and extensive experience in management. Chief Operating Officer Nadun Dharmaratne, with an aerospace engineering background, brings invaluable startup experience from his time at Brand Your Customs, which was selected for the Canadian government’s startup visa program. Their commitment to innovation and excellence is demonstrated through two patent applications, which demonstrate the platform’s visionary approach to taking the beauty pageant industry into 2024 and beyond.

“This is a significant career opportunity for women who are enthusiastic about the beauty world,” Hatem remarked. “It is a chance to make a real mark at the start of something fresh and new. Our new mobile application invites individuals to showcase their beauty and talent without the constraints of traditional pageantry. As the competition gears up, Dubi Dabi is not merely setting the stage for a new queen; it’s paving the way for a new era in the beauty pageant industry. Here, technology meets tradition, and dreams are within reach through professionalism and dedication.”

For more information about the mobile app, the first of the novel Dubi Dabi competitions, and the chance for an inside look at a new pageant movement that celebrates diversity, innovation, and accessibility with the tap of a button.

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