Desert Essence Introduces New Products to Leverage Projected Growth of Manuka Oil

Blended Manuka Oil and Tea Tree Oil offer a unique balance of gentleness and potency

An exfoliating soap bar formulated with Manuka Oil and Tea Tree Oil

Formulated to exfoliate, cleanse, and soothe while balancing bacteria

Desert Essence

Desert Essence

Blending the Gentle Power of Manuka and Tea Tree Oils, a New Ointment and Soap Offer Soothing and Bacteria-Balancing Benefits

Our cleansing and soothing skin care products containing Tea Tree and Manuka Oils have become very popular with consumers who are looking for multiple benefits in fewer products”

— Christine Allmer, senior director of marketing.

HAUPPAUGE , NY, USA, May 24, 2023/ — Desert Essence, a leading natural personal care brand, has harnessed the properties of two highly beneficial oils to develop an innovative skincare range. By blending Manuka Oil, which is set to dominate the personal care market with projected multimillion-dollar sales by 2030(1), with popular Tea Tree Oil, Desert Essence has solidified its position as a category leader. Following the success of its Kinder to Skin Manuka Oil and Tea Tree Oil, Desert Essence is extending its range with a Manuka Oil and Tea Tree Oil Therapeutic Skin Ointment, and an Exfoliating Manuka Oil and Tea Tree Oil Soap Bar.

Blending these pure botanical oils results in a unique balance of gentleness and potency, making it suitable for all skin types. Nature’s powerful duo offers a delicate touch for sensitive skin while effectively addressing common skin issues.

Joining Desert Essence’s collection of Tea Tree Oil Ointments, the new Manuka Oil & Tea Tree Oil Therapeutic Skin Ointment (SRP $9.99) offers 2-in-1 antiseptic relief. In addition to fighting blemishes and problem skin, it can be used to help soothe and calm abrasions, cuts, razor burn, dry cracked skin, and rashes. For those seeking relief from dry, chapped skin or other common skin concerns such as wind burn, damaged cuticles, and itchy skin, the existing Tea Tree Oil Skin Ointment (SRP $8.59) is enriched with Vitamin E and a blend of botanical oils, including Lavender and Jojoba, to restore moisture and softness.

The new Exfoliating Manuka Oil and Tea Tree Oil Soap Bar (SRP $5.39) is ideal for those who love bar soap rather than liquid. It exfoliates, cleanses, and soothes while also balancing bacteria in a multi-tasking duo that is delicate enough for sensitive skin and powerful enough for problem skin. The bar is made with RSPO Certified Sustainably Harvested Palm Oil, sourced with respect for land, wildlife, and communities.

Both new products are made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients including pure New Zealand Manuka Oil and pure Australian Tea Tree Oil. They are certified cruelty free, gluten-free and vegetarian (ointment) or vegan (soap bar). Australian Tea Tree Oil is well known for its antiseptic properties, as well as cleansing skin and balancing bacteria. Tea Tree leaves and Jojoba seed powder help naturally exfoliate and soften skin.

“Our cleansing and soothing skin care products containing Tea Tree and Manuka Oils have become very popular with consumers who are looking for multiple benefits in fewer products,” says Christine Allmer, director of marketing for Desert Essence. “As with all Desert Essence products, these have been formulated with the highest quality ingredients, and thoroughly tested to ensure optimal performance. Both these new products are perfect for skin conditions through all phases of life, and especially for sensitive skin that often reacts to harsh ingredients.”

Desert Essence products can be found at, at select retailers nationwide, and at Amazon.

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Desert Essence was founded in 1978 and is a leader in natural personal care. The company draws its inspiration and ingredients from the desert, “a model of pristine balance and sustainability, where limited resources, if used responsibly, offer the body and spirit untold benefits.” Using nutrient‐rich desert botanicals revered in native cultures for their healing properties, like Tea Tree, Jojoba, Aloe, and Argan Oils, Desert Essence’s body, skin, and hair care products work in harmony with the body to soothe, nurture, and restore. True to its principle, the company works to ensure that both its products and practices reflect the serious commitment it has made to the health of the planet. Desert Essence is a Certified B-corp Corporation.

1. MarketWatch. (2023, April 18). Manuka essential oil market size, revenue, and forecast 2030. MarketWatch.

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