Book By Entrepreneur Emre Bardan Reveals How He Built Glam Squad Into 0 Million Business and Became GLAMHAIRARTIST

Emre Bardan, at 17 years old, in Dubai, first trip to transform princesses after going viral on the internet for his hair transformations.

The woman behind the success of Glamhairartist went viral; “Hudabeauty” went viral in his young years on his Instagram account, with millions of fans for work recognized by Hudabeauty!

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 3, 2024 / — Entrepreneur and Author Emre Bardan, the celebrated international celebrity hair artist and educator master in hair, is revolutionizing the fashion industry with his innovative hairstyling techniques. His new book “Becoming GLAMHAIRARTIST” launches today and is already making headlines and breaking news.

• Memoir Release: At just 30 years old, Emre Bardan has unveiled his memoir, shedding light on his rise to prominence as the creative force behind Glamhairartist.

• Emre Bardan has battled cartels in a fight for survival. Following a deceptive billionaire date in America, Bardan found himself thrust into a life-threatening situation. He navigated through the treacherous landscape of cartels in the USA and Mexico, and he is still dealing with the fallout.

• From Rags to Riches: His million-dollar success story delves into his career spanning over a decade; Bardan recounts the highs and lows accompanying his journey to amassing millions through his innovative work.

• Navigating Legal Challenges Post-Trauma: In the aftermath of this traumatic incident, Bardan now faces the daunting task of seeking justice and closure amidst the ensuing chaos.

• Viral Sensation: Bardan’s educational hair tutorials propelled him to fame at 16. His viral tutorials captured global attention, setting the stage for his meteoric rise in the beauty industry.

“I am thrilled to share my incredible journey with the world through ‘Becoming GLAMHAIRARTIST.’ This memoir is a testament to the power of dreams and unwavering determination,” Emre Bardan said. “From humble beginnings to working with celebrities and travelling the world, my story encapsulates a rollercoaster ride filled with challenges, triumphs, and unforgettable moments.”

From Humble Beginnings to Global Icon

Emre Bardan’s story is one of relentless ambition and unyielding determination. At 16, Bardan quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the hairstyling world. His talent and vision propelled him to the pinnacle of success, culminating in creating a $100 million business empire. However, his journey was far from smooth. He is grateful to those who had recognized him in his teen years. “Becoming GLAMHAIRARTIST” is a memoir that showcases his story.

The Untold Story: Legal Battles and Scandalous Moments

Bardan pulls back the curtain on his life, exposing the raw truth behind his glamorous facade. The memoir delves into the turbulent chapters that shaped his path, including shocking legal battles and scandalous moments that forced him to step back from the limelight. With unflinching honesty, Bardan reveals how he navigated these formidable challenges while maintaining his passion for self-expression and creativity.

A Hidden Talent for Writing Revealed

Beyond his hairstyling prowess, Emre Bardan possesses a hidden writing talent that demands to be unleashed. Recognizing the power of storytelling and his desire to inspire others, he set out to share his life’s narrative with the world. “Becoming GLAMHAIRARTIST” is an eloquent and authentic account of Bardan’s journey, filled with triumphant moments, unforeseen twists, and heartfelt reflections.

A Beacon of Inspiration – Career Advancement

Bardan’s memoir is more than just a recounting of his career; it is a testament to the transformative power of dreams, ambition, and unwavering dedication. Through his captivating words, he encourages readers from all walks of life to embrace their passions, chase their aspirations, and realize their full potential. “Becoming GLAMHAIRARTIST” is an invitation to dream bigger, reach higher, and break free from the constraints that hold us back.

Upcoming Documentary: The Untold Story Continue

As if his memoir wasn’t enough to captivate audiences worldwide, Emre Bardan is also preparing to set the stage ablaze with an upcoming documentary. This highly anticipated film will unveil the shocking legal battles and scandalous moments that forced him into a long break from his illustrious career. Viewers will witness the untold story of Emre Bardan’s life justice struggles and international stalking incidents that have kept him off social media for so long.

“A wild person with a calm mindset can achieve anything they want,” Bardan said. “It doesn’t matter how long they’ve been silent.”

About Emre Bardan

Emre Bardan is a renowned Australian celebrity hair artist, entrepreneur, and new author who has revolutionized the fashion industry with his innovative hairstyling techniques and trendsetting creations. He is also an international social media influencer with over 1.7 million devoted followers on Instagram alone. After achieving immense success in hairstyling, Bardan shared his extraordinary journey through his memoir “Becoming GLAMHAIRARTIST,” inspiring readers worldwide to pursue their dreams with unwavering determination.

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