Atlanta Plastic Surgeon Explains How to Get Rid of Excess Skin After Weight Loss

Dr. Tom Lintner discusses different procedures, such as tummy tuck surgery and arm lifts, that can reduce excess skin leftover after major weight loss.

Excess skin after weight loss is a common concern that can impact both physical comfort and self-confidence.”

— Dr. Lintner

ATLANTA, GA, USA, January 16, 2024 / — Weight loss is a commendable achievement, but many individuals are left with excess skin that does not conform to their newly slimmer figure. Whether the weight loss was achieved through bariatric surgery or diet and exercise, this leftover skin can cause a variety of functional and aesthetic concerns. Dr. Tom Lintner, an experienced plastic surgeon in Atlanta, understands the unique concerns faced by his patients and offers personalized solutions tailored to their individual needs.

In addition to aesthetic concerns, excess skin can also contribute to chafing, irritation, rashes, and unpleasant body odor. Using a range of surgical techniques, a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Lintner can help remove redundant skin to reduce discomfort and enhance the overall appearance of a patient’s physique.

Each post-weight loss body contouring plan is customized to address the unique concerns of the patient. Procedures commonly considered for major weight loss patients include:

1. Tummy tuck and panniculectomy to address excess abdominal skin

2. Breast lift and reduction to address sagging breast tissues

3. Arm lift to address excess skin around the upper arms

4. Thigh lift to address excess skin around the thighs

5. Posterior body lift to comprehensively restore the buttocks and lower back

6. Facelift to address sagging facial skin

Dr. Lintner is committed to providing compassionate and patient-centered care. From the initial consultation to post-operative follow-up, he and his team prioritize open communication and support to guide patients through every step of their transformative journey. Dr. Tom Lintner states, “Excess skin after weight loss is a common concern that can impact both physical comfort and self-confidence. My goal is to help patients achieve the body they desire while prioritizing their safety and well-being.”

For individuals seeking comprehensive solutions to excess skin after weight loss, Dr. Lintner recommends consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Finding a trustworthy, experienced provider is often key to obtaining the best possible results.

About Thomas Lintner, MD, FACS

Dr. Thomas Lintner is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and a Diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Throughout his career, Dr. Lintner has authored numerous articles and delivered presentations on topics spanning general and plastic surgery. As the head of Advanced Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Lintner specializes in providing a comprehensive array of surgical and non-surgical enhancement procedures tailored to the breasts, body, face, and skin. He takes a particular interest in the complex needs of post-weight loss patients, taking the time to provide patients with personalized, transformative solutions and unparalleled care. Dr. Lintner is available for interview upon request.

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