Award Winning Author Roderick Von King’s Appearance on ABC 15 Sparks More Book Buzz

Global Thought Leaders TV Features The Acclaimed Author On Live Television To Discuss Life, Love, and Everything In Between

I am truly humbled by the overwhelming response to ‘Why Didn’t We Love.’ The success of this book is a testament to the shared emotions and experiences that connect us all.”

— Von King

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, June 26, 2024 / — Renowned author and former aerospace engineer Roderick Von King made a special appearance on ABC 15 News’s Global Thought segment, hosted by Nim Stant, on June 1st, and captivated audiences with his insightful discussion on his latest book, “Why Didn’t We Love.”

During the segment, Roderick Von King delved into the heart of his book, sharing poignant insights on love, loss, and the complexities of relationships. Drawing from his own experiences and deep understanding of human emotions, Von King highlighted how his story resonates with readers who have experienced the pain of lost love.

“Why Didn’t We Love” has garnered critical acclaim for its raw honesty and emotional depth, offering readers a powerful narrative that navigates the intricate journey of love and heartbreak. Von King’s ability to weave personal anecdotes with universal themes has struck a chord with audiences worldwide, making his book a must-read for those seeking solace and understanding in matters of the heart.

Nim Stant, the esteemed host of ABC 15 News’ Global Thought Leaders segment, commended Von King for his compelling storytelling and genuine reflections on the nuances of love. The interview touched upon themes of resilience, healing, and the enduring impact of past relationships, showcasing Von King’s profound insights and empathetic approach to storytelling.

Roderick Von King’s appearance on ABC 15 News not only shed light on the profound messages embedded within “Why Didn’t We Love” but also highlighted his status as a thought leader in the literary world. With his unique perspective and engaging storytelling style, Von King continues to captivate audiences and inspire readers to explore the depths of their own emotions. Von says, ” I am grateful for the opportunity touch hearts and minds with my words, and I hope that my story continues to resonate with readers on their own personal journeys of love and healing.”

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