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We Don’t Cry, We Try is a children’s motivational phrase turned into a Motivational Book Series

RICHMOND, VA, USA, May 12, 2023/ — Denisha Alphonse, a self-published author of the motivational children’s book series known as ‘We Don’t Cry, We Try,’ realized she wanted to become a writer after finishing up an English paper while attending ‘Mercy College.’ Denisha, a mother, wife, and author, graduated with a B.A. in Corporate Communications, completed a certificate course from Cornell in Entrepreneurship, and studied as a Trauma and Resilience Certified Coach.

When talking with Denisha she explained how her children’s book series was created to help teach young kids about how they can’t let their emotions of reservation hold them back from reaching their goals. In her book, Don, the main character, emphasizes how children can stay motivated with tasks at hand that are unfavorable at times.

As a result of her belief that children require patience and support when learning, and by colliding the two worlds of writing and teaching, Denisha creates inspirational, educational, and story-telling pieces of work to help children try new things and minimize the word ‘no’ to new experiences. You can check out a few of Denisha’s books: We Don’t Cry, We Try: Play Your Horn, We Don’t Cry, We Try: Back To School, and We Don’t Cry, We Try: Out To Eat. With her latest book, We Don’t Cry, We Try: We Play Ball, she is shedding light on the disability of hearing loss. Throughout the book, children are explained how to accommodate others with disabilities.

Reading With Your Kids Podcast has certified the books in the We Don’t Cry, We Try series as good reads. According to them, “It is a great-looking book that might help you navigate emotions with your kids.” In addition to providing a great way to manage your child’s urge to cry and understand the situation with the catchphrase “We Don’t Cry, We Try,” the book also encourages parents to talk and address the problem at the right time to acknowledge their child’s feelings and show empathy.

What Can You Accomplish If You Try?

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