Acclaimed Author Stacy Lee Launches New Romantic Suspense Crime Series

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NEW ENGLAND, NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA, June 14, 2024 / — New England, June 2024 Best-selling author Stacy Lee, celebrated for her evocative storytelling in The Nubble Light series, is set to captivate readers with her latest young adult crime novel, “Operation Superglue.” The first book in the Prickly Pen Series, “Operation Superglue” promises a gripping blend of mystery, undercover operations, and the nuanced complexities of modern teenage life.

Thirty-five-year-old single mother and best-selling romantic suspense novelist Lina Rivera finds herself unexpectedly thrust back into high school life—this time undercover. Known for her youthful appearance, Lina can’t even buy a scratch ticket without being carded. As her own twins, Luciana and Max, prepare to enter high school, she realizes that her understanding of today’s teenage world is outdated.

After her latest novel receives lackluster reviews, Lina seizes the chance to dive back into the teenage experience when her ex-husband, private investigator Jon Cote, invites her to join an undercover operation at a local private high school. Lina is shocked to discover Jon has been working as the school’s substitute art teacher for months, yet without any leads on the case of several missing teens. As she navigates the unfamiliar terrain of 2024 high school life, Lina uncovers more than just clues about the missing students; she finds herself reevaluating past choices and relationships, including her dynamic with Jon.

Stacy Lee lives in New Hampshire with her supportive husband, two beautiful children, and two cherished rescue dogs. Her family often spends time in the picturesque town of York Beach, Maine, where the iconic Nubble Lighthouse has a special place in her heart. Before venturing into the literary world, Stacy taught elementary school for fourteen years and earned multiple advanced degrees, including a Master’s in Christian Ministry with a focus on Homiletics. Now, she balances her time between working in her family business and crafting compelling narratives that engage and inspire.

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